The Philadelphia Flyers Are Rocking The 2009 Offseason

Timothy W.Contributor IJuly 8, 2009

While this may not be the freshest of news, this is my first entry so I thought I would write about some feelings about this contract extension and other off season news within the Flyers organization.

According to, Chris Pronger intends to play out the rest of his career in orange and black.

I have heard reports that the contract will be around 7 years which should bring him to 20 played NHL seasons when everything is all said and done.

These are very exciting times in the Philadelphia hockey world.

Not only have they added a Stanley Cup champion to the core, they have added invaluable experience and leadership to a young group who so desperately needed it last spring.

Added to the fresh faces were Ray Emery, Brian Boucher, Ian Laperriere, and future hopeful success from Ryan Dingle, who came with the trade for Pronger.

Undoubtedly, Pronger is the biggest piece to the puzzle and will be the biggest factor in maturing and progressing a young squad.

The make-or-break piece to this puzzle will be Ray Emery.

What I do like about this move is that if Emery does not work out, big deal. The Flyers got him for a steal, reportedly signing for about 1.5 million.

If he does work out and he has matured then it looks even better for GM Paul Holmgren.

Emery said himself in his press conference he understands this is his last chance in the NHL.

Not to mention the Flyers have more than enough players who will check his ego 'out the door' if he feels he's 'too good' for practice.

In other words, if Emery fits in and plays consistently, the Flyers will be successful and dangerous, if not then they will go through a terrible season.

I liked the signing of Brian Boucher but he is not a starting goaltender.

Martin Biron and Antero Niittymaki will be signing elsewhere in the next few days so it really does depend on Ray Emery playing as a mature goalie and bringing back his days as a Eastern Conference champion goalie who took the Ottawa Senators to the Stanley Cup finals.