ESPN Hates Manny Ramirez

Frankie GraciContributor IJuly 8, 2009

ESPN is officially the FOX NEWS of sports.

Last night(july 7th) the LA Dodgers destroyed the NY Mets 8-0 and Manny Ramirez had 3 RBI'S by the 5th inning before he got tossed out for arguing balls & strikes(on the replay you can tell it was a ball way out side) Predictably, ESPN's Baseball Tonight, took the incident and blew it up into a Major Story regarding "another manny ramirez selfish act". 

John Kruk, baseball tonight's big mouth commentator, went into a rediculous rant about how Manny is so selfish because he got tossed out of the game during a critical time. (Mind you, at that time the game was 5-0 w/ 3 RBI's coming from Ramirez. Considering that the Mets average 0 runs per game, the game was basically over)

The ESPN smearing & bashing of Manny Ramirez, is none-stop!! Every single day it's something negative about Manny, and this was before the Drug Violation-50 games suspension. You can't watch an LA Dodgers game in peace on ESPN w/ out the announcers trying to Demonized and Assassinate Ramirez's Character.

Manny Ramirez commited the crime, served the time (50 games), Lost 8 million dollars during that time, and has hundreds if not thousands of negative articles & stories writen about him cheating the game. Know this - Ramirez is actually the only "Super Star" to get caught using anything and actually serve out his time. But no, ESPN wants more punishment - they are out for Blood.