Paul Heyman Was Ahead Of His Time, And This Story Proves It

Tim ListAnalyst IJuly 8, 2009

Paul Heyman Was Ahead Of His Time, And This Story Proves It
The Mad Scientist Paul Heyman was ahead of his time, not just in pro wrestling booking, but also in terms of the persona he used as "The Psycho Yuppie" Paul E. Dangerously.
As "Dangerously," Heyman used a cellphone as a weapon against opponents who challenged his men, whether they be Ravishing Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Mark Callous (later known as The Undertaker), The Original Midnight Express, Arn Anderson, and Sabu.
Now, a report by the New York City Police Department shows that there is a seriously dangerous trend happening in New York, and  that trend is people using cellphones as loaded weapons.
We're not kidding.
Although we seem to daily hear reports of stupid criminals being foiled by technology, some deviants have devised some clever uses for their tech, including turning cell phones into weapons and hiding places. According to Newsday, an incredibly common way to smuggle a weapon in a cell phone (specifically a T-Mobile Sidekick) is to hide a razor blade within the battery compartment between the battery and the back cover.

Newsday also reported that police officers in Harlem recently arrested a man who had turned his cell phone into a mild stun gun. This rise in cell phone-related criminal innovation is especially troublesome, because prisoners have created several methods of smuggling cell phones into jails in order to plan escapes, negotiate drug deals, and perform other illegal activities. While you can certainly expect upgraded prison security measures, don't be surprised either if you're asked to remove your battery the next time you go through airport security.