Roger Clemens Owns Up and Apologizes, No McCready; MCNAMEE SUIT STILL ON

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IMay 5, 2008

Washington D.C.-

Many in the media have said that Roger Clemens is just too proud, that he would never admit doing anything, that "his ego is just way too big to admit any wrong doing."  And then, with their mouths hanging open in shock, Clemens revealed he has made some personal mistakes, and apologized to his family, friends and fans.

Shock was then heard throughout the halls of ESPN in the form of Skip Bayliss being....silenced?   Quite deafening too.

If Clemens did take PEDs, then the list of professionals at the bottom of the page are all lying, and could (like McNamee) be prosecuted for making false official statements to Federal Investigators. Yesterday, though, Roger did some house cleaning.

On Sunday, May 5th, Roger Clemens addressed the "claims" made in the tabloid-esque Daily News, about his extra-marital affairs. 

''I know that many people want to know what I have to say about the recent articles in the media.  Even though these articles contain many false accusations and mistakes, I need to say that I have made mistakes in my personal life for which I am sorry. I have apologized to my family and apologize to my fans. Like everyone, I have flaws. I have sometimes made choices which have not been right.''

There you have it.  His ego is not too big to admit his faults. He has acknowledged his improprieties, and apologized publicly to his family for the onslaught brought them by way of his Defamation Suit against budding Media Star, Brain McNamee.  It takes a big man to face your family, especially your children, and admit to these types mistakes, and ask forgiveness publicly.  Some will read into Hardin's' recent statements. 

Hardin said, "It is up to the defendant to drop the case." Remember that this statement was in response to being asked whether "Clemens would succumb to the pressure brought on by the media attention, and drop the case."  Hardin said he would "discuss it over the weekend with Roger."  Sunday came, and bam.  Roger admitted his wrongs. While his admission is certainly not going to stop the perjury investigation, it shouldn't stop the defamation lawsuit either.

Some writers think that Clemens would rather admit to this than to using PEDs.  What would be harder to do?  Telling your wife you slipped up, telling your kids too; or telling fans you used a non banned substance?  How much of this is really scoping to find the truth, and how much of it is just trying to make "the all powerful advertising dollar" via sensationalized "Jerry Springer" type claims off a big name? 

At issue is Clemens ability to continue his baseball career in lieu of the Brian McNamee's "accusations," the Mitchell Report, and subsequent hearing.  If his baseball career is done, then it has been cut short by a third party that Jose Canseco calls "a dirty liar."  It is interesting to note that we have one whistle blower (Canseco) saying another is lying in order to get out of trouble for dealing.  

One thing this investigative work did accomplish is downgrading the Daily News's stature from one of a respectable news publication to that of a mere tabloid which is  better used by the homeless for their "daily hygienic needs."  The NY Daily News opened the flood gates of allegations with a nod of approval from Richard Emery.  But many of their "truths" are false.  Nothing like sensationalism to sell that story, but Mindy McCready?

The Daily News reported that Clemens and McCready had a 10 year relationship starting in 1990, alluding to an affair with a minor.

To this Clemens responded:  

''Now, I have been accused of having an improper relationship with a fifteen-year-old girl. Nothing could be further from the truth. This relationship has been twisted and distorted far beyond reality. It is just one of many, many accusations that are utterly false.''

Clemens stood up under the lights and told everyone in the world about his past indescretions. This "everyone" even included his wife and four sons.  He fessed up.  One of his kids is about 10 years old though.  It's a great read for a kid that age to learn about his father in articles written by those hoping to extend their publishers' readership.  It's a scum bag move made only to bully and influence the current law suit, and it's one that should garnish no praise at all.  I don't think that author will earn a Pulitzer. Again though, considering the source, it is consistent. 

The Daily News holds up a rapist as a hero while belittling a baseball player, his wife, and more importantly his children.  Did McNamee ever confess to his wife and children about that rape in the papers?  Maybe if the Daily Rag could make him do that, it would be a more "just" act, as there was an actual crime involved. The obvious favoritism the Daily News shows McNamee is stupifying. 

McNamee's sexual assault victim never got this type of apology. She was in the public face, not in 1990, but in 2001.   Which is more timely?  She was given a near fatal dose of GHB (date rape drug)  so her memory was foggy (for good reason).  Police found a bottle "spiked" with GHB next to the pool.  She said she knows she did not give consent to sex, and didn't remember the event that clearly.  The witnesses sure remember it though.

The Hotel Manager was making his rounds and walked in on McNamee and the woman naked in the pool, having sex.  He heard her say "Help Me!" as he apporached.  The manager told McNamee to stop, and get out of the pool.  McNamee answered, "What Now!" Another witness, the Yankee Videographer, also in the pool, admitted to hearing her say, "NO" earlier before the manager got there.   

The cops surely remember Brian McNamee lying to them to get out of trouble. This event shows a propensity by McNamee for apathy, lying to get out of trouble, and taking advantage of those that are vulnerable. In other words, he didn't actually save that girls life at all, like he told Clemens he did, but that is just another lie by McNamee.

However, the Daily News is so compelled to bring down not the drug dealing rapist but the one time Red Sox turned Yankee Ace, that they hired 4 Private Investigators to find information on extra-marital affairs.  Mike Lupica is published at the Daily News, and is a graduate of none other than Boston College, where they love them Red Sox.  Beware Johnny Damon.

Even with their "Fistful of Private Dicks" they still didn't get the story right.  According to Clemens the articles are riddled with mistakes and out and out lies.  Society knows that ALL Professional Athletes probably have some indiscretions.  Even those that we think may not probably have done the same thing. Some people connected to these professional athletes even get female attention, and some go about it in a criminal way.  McNamee was fired from the Yankees in 2001 for good reason.  If he thought otherwise, he could have sued!  

McNamee lied about Clemens ever having an abscess, and therefore he may well have lied about Clemens entirely.  And Roger Clemens, making 28 million, is not Andy Pettitte, nor is he Chuck Knoblauch.  Roger's name alone garnishes a huge response. McNamee said he was offered 7 figures in return for his being interviewed by the media during the taped call.  Of course he said he wasn't going to do interviews, he was going to fire his lawyer, and he was not going to write a book.  How many interviews has he done since then?  So, when is the book?  To prove this look at the Nielsen Ratings during the Clemens Hearing and compare it to Bostons World Series.  Clemens hearings rated higher.

McNamee is the same man who said he was angered for "Roger bringing his son into it," (taped call) and he is now blasting away at Clemens family, via his representative.  During the taped call(which McNamee knew was being recorded) McNamee himself brought up his son when he said "this is real, EVERYTHING else is a joke."  McNamee was so upset about his son's illness "being out in the public" that he has had a website dedicated to his son and the illness since before the taped call.  It was already public information. 

As much as Emery may want this to be about Clemens' personal life, the New York Yankees did NOT pay Clemens 28 million because he was married and had a cheery life.  To my knowledge there is no "pay penalty" for affairs.  They would have paid him regardless of his personal preferences that the Daily News is so eager to point out. 

Why Press On? 

It is because of publications like this that say how smart Duquette was for ridding Boston of Clemens in hind sight, because he is guilty.  But the the writer must have forgotten the likes of Paxton Crawford, and the 6 Red Sox that were using along with him in the locker room, and laughing out loud about it.  Three years later, steroids may have broken the curse for Boston. Of course Good Ole George didn't investigate Paxton further, that would be in direct contrast to his position.  As the Boston Red Sox Legal consultant he is employed on advising his client on their legal posture.

Ex-VP of MLB Securities and fellow investigator Kevin Hallinan was ordered by Mitchell to NOT investigate Mitchell's' former employer either. No, not Senate, but the Florida Marlins.  Hallinan resigned after the investigation.

From 1998 through 2001, catcher Luis Perez, said virtually everyone on the team was using.  Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell were on that team, and now play on Mitchell's' team. Very suspect that George's boys walk scott free, yet Clemens, the much maligned Boston Ex, is out to pasture, and now seemingly, forced to retire.

Clemens has admitted his wrong doings of a very personal nature, but there is still no proof to support McNamee's claims about Roger (and McNamee did lie about that abscess). After all of this, if Clemens did do it he would have come clean already.  Especially given yesterdays' admissions and apologies.

Of the PED allegations Clemens said:

''I realize that many people want me to simply confess and apologize for the conduct that I have been accused of, but I cannot confess to, nor apologize for, things I did not do.''

  • Many attribute prejudging McNamees' honesty because, "if he lied, then he would go to jail." 

Here is a list of professionals that were issued the same threat of prosecution for making false statements (lying), all of whom support Clemens, that he never took any PEDs:

1.) Dr. Ron Talyor-injected B-12 same time as McNamees' missing abscess.

2.) Dr. Alan Gross - conducted MRI refuting McNamees' abscess claim

3.) Dr. Littner - said lidocaine would provide relief up to 4 hours

4.) Scott Shanahan - never suspected Clemens of PEDs, nor knew of any abscess (McNamee claimed Shanahan knew of the abscess)

5.) Gene Moynahan - injected Clemens with pain killers while a NY Yankee, before a game (not too far removed from Lidocaine)

6.) Tommy Craig - treated Clemens for bruise result of B-12 by Taylor (which McNamee says Craig knew of the abscess)

7.) Dr. Patrick Graham - worked out with Clemens, took B-12 shot  with Clemens too.

8.) Dr. O'Malley - reviewed all of Clemens medical records, no evidence of PED use

9.) Dr. Pappas - made it clear that Roger may have used B-12 while a Red Sox

10) Jim Murray - recorded call from McNamee, and email.

11.) Jose Canseco-called McNamee a dirty liar, and said the Mitchell Investigators never went so far as to call him regarding his alleged part in the Clemens saga.

12.) Mrs. Canseco (now divorced)

A MRI would be lying too. As would golf receipts and video tapes. Miraculously.

As it were, I feel sorry for Debbie, and Rogers' children for having to deal with the likes of steroid pushers, their allegations, and their influence over tabloid artistes.  The revelation does nothing to tarnish Clemens, his family nor his numbers relevant to baseball.  What's in the past, once acknowledged and healed, must be left in the past. 

Maybe Rog and Deb should go on vacation together.  Go to Florida, maybe sight see in St. Petersberg. Though I would advise them to stay away from the….. pool.


The suit should move forward.  The REAL question is how does Judge Ellison view all of this recent media attention towards Clemens.  Will it affect his ruling on whether to continue the suit, and whether to allow Hardin to continue to represent Clemens? 


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