Where Is The Measuring Stick In The Bleacher Report? I'm Confused

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2009

There have been many articles written in the last few months about the inner workings of the Bleacher Report.

I must put in my two cents.

In most endeavors, there are rules and guide lines set with the purpose that if followed, there will be progress. Agree?

It looks to me that the progress in the Bleacher report—at times—is solely relied on friendship and agreeing with the top writers on the site.

I may be wrong, but please stay with me on this. I’ll explain.

These are things I don’t do in the Bleacher Report:

1) I don’t go from article to article making comments that looked to be right out of the quotable quotes book. I would say some folks don’t even read the article, they don’t go beyond the title, they may just want to add to their comment count.

2) I don’t request anyone to read my articles. The exception is when I want an edit. I have asked our good friend Ben many times to do so.

3) I don’t write everyday. I would love to, but my job takes a lot of my time, and it takes me a long time to write a short article. As Mark Martin would say: “I run out of talent.“ In my case, there is very little of that available. lol

4) My articles are very opinionated and may be better suited for blogs. But then again, the name of the site is Bleacher Report. Let's see, reports from the cheap seats. (Oh come on Mr. founders, did you expect award winning stuff from the $5 seats? Lol. Are you kidding me? [Just a little humor!])

5) If I don’t agree with your point of view I will tell you, even if you’re my favorite person on this site. And as always, I would still love you or not. (Smiling here, just so you know.)

6) If you tell me I’m flat out wrong and my article is the worst you have ever seen, well, I may take issue with that or I may just agree with you. One thing is for sure, I’ll get over it and be your Bleacher Friend In a day or two, tops.

The point is, this is my persona in the Bleacher Report. I look at the stuff I wrote in the beginning and the ones I write now, and I see a huge improvement.

I understand that’s my opinion, I may be bias.

My articles were doing very well while they were going into the Google News cycle. But since they were taken out of the loop, the last eight Asif articles put together got about one-quarter of the hits that one article got when my content was being putout on the web.

Now, if this was a points race, there was a stretch where my published article hits were top five or six in the top 10 NASCAR list, I did the FUZZY math. lol

So my confusion is, where is the measuring stick, what is being measured? Is it by the numbers of hits?

Is it the number of comments?

If it goes only by the ability to write an award winning article, well I understand I would have no chance.

I know that’s not it. If that were the case, most folks here would be working for a newspaper or a Web site and making money. Agree?

So it only leaves me with two options:

A) I really suck at this.

B) I got someone upset.

It would take a 10-page article to explain it fully, so you just have to take my word for it. I got somebody upset, of course that does not mean I don’t suck at this.

I’m just saying, my stuff is better than average, and deserves an opportunity to have someone click on it or not. Their choice.

Right now the choice is not being made by the reader.

Now I feel better, enough said!

Side note: Hey Ben do me favor, edit please, especially the spelling. Thanks pal….lol