2009 NFP Scouting Series: West Virginia

Dale ThortonCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

This summer, the National Football Post is breaking down every team in the Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-A) to identify players who might warrant interest from NFL teams in the 2010 draft.

The West Virginia Mountaineers return a talented group of skill position prospects and again are expected to compete for the Big East title.


Jarrett Brown: No. 16, QB. 6'3", 222

APQuarterback Jarrett Brown

A physically gifted quarterback with the athleticism to buy time in the pocket and make plays with his feet. Displays good coordination on the move and does a nice job keeping his eyes down the field and creating big plays when things break down. Is a dual run/pass threat once he gets on the perimeter and possesses good touch down the field. Looks very comfortable when asked to improvise.

Possesses a strong arm, although his accuracy gets a bit erratic at times. Doesn’t have the most compact of throwing motions, and his passes underneath tend to nose dive on him and fall at the receiver’s feet. Lacks awareness and overall experience in the pass game and struggles going through his progressions quickly from the pocket. Doesn’t consistently get rid of the ball on time and looks more comfortable using his athletic ability to break containment and create outside.

Impression: Possesses an impressive athletic skill set, but he still has a long way to go as a pocket passer. Looks more like an intriguing developmental guy at the next level.

Noel Devine: No. 7, RB, 5'8", 180

APRunning back Noel Devine

Looks natural catching the ball out of the backfield and demonstrates an ability to create in the pass game. Displays a rare second gear to his game and gets up to speed instantly. Has the explosion to consistently separate at the second level and run away from defenders. Possesses decent instincts at the line of scrimmage and does a nice job making the first man miss and attacking upfield. However, he looks more comfortable in space and has a tendency to bounce outside too quickly. Lacks physicality between the tackles and is consistently swallowed up by defenders in the hole. Does run with a low center of gravity and good pad level, but simply doesn’t have the power to fight for tough yards inside.

Exhibits impressive balance as a runner and does a great job making his cuts at full speed and instantly attacking up the field. Doesn’t waste time trying to break defenders down in space with his lateral mobility, simply gives them one shoulder fake and explodes toward daylight. Is very shifty at full speed and makes it difficult for defenders to take a good angle on him in space.

Impression: Is never going to be an every-down back in the NFL, but he’s a big play waiting to happen and will put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses with the ball in his hands in space.

Alric Arnett: No. 82, WR, 6'2", 186

A thin target with good length who does a great job working back toward the quarterback and finding soft spots underneath. Showcases good initial burst off the line and runs well for a guy his size. But is more of a straight-line athlete who lacks physicality and strength as a route runner.

Struggles sinking his hips and exploding out of his breaks, seems to coast in and out of his cuts and lacks any kind of sharpness as a route runner. However, he does display the speed to threaten defenders deep and does a nice job flattening out his routes and sitting down in front of them.

Adjusts well to the football and showcases good coordination near the sideline. However, he consistently lets the ball get into his frame and doesn’t look real natural when asked to extend his arms and pluck the ball away from his body.

Impression: A tall, lean target who runs well for his size, but isn’t real sharp out of his breaks. Will be a bit limited as a route runner at the next level.


Wes Lyons: No. 4, WR, 6'8", 231

A massive target with a long wingspan. Is an obvious mismatch nightmare any time he gets into the red zone and looks like a power forward boxing out defenders and skying for the ball. Possesses good hand/eye coordination and is at his best when asked to go up and make a play on the ball at its highest point. Has a big set of paws and does a nice job extending his arms and plucking the ball away from his fame.

APWide receiver Wes Lyons

Displays deceptive deep speed for his size. Is a glider who takes a while to get going, but is difficult to cover down the field. Lacks the burst to gain consistent separation underneath, however, he showcases some short-area quickness and uses his body well to gain inside position. Is still learning how to run routes and has a tendency to get leggy out of his breaks. However, he’s a coordinated athlete who possesses the body control to become solid in that area.

Isn’t real dangerous in the open field with the ball in his hands, but works hard after the catch. Showcases good physicality as a blocker and is tough to disengage from on the outside and exhibits some power on contact.

Impression: Is nowhere near a finished prospect, but displays some intriguing upside. Has a great combination of size and coordination, and if the light ever goes on for the kid, he has the potential to create some real mismatches at the next level.

Selvish Capers: No. 66, OT, 6'5", 298

Isn’t real compact with his footwork off the snap and consistently allows himself to get parallel with pass rushers on the outside. Needs to do a better job angling his body with the cup of the pocket. Gets too narrow in his base on contact and can get bullied at the point of attack. However, he’s a gifted athlete who moves well in space and possesses the fluidity to recover quickly and push defensive ends past the play.

Redirects well in space and demonstrates the lateral mobility to mirror defenders on an island. Does a nice job extending his arms on contact, but has a tendency to get too high and doesn’t showcase much power in his punch. However, he possesses a quick recoil and does a nice job working his hands through contact and keeping blockers away from his frame.

Fires off the ball a bit high and lacks ideal lateral burst out of his stance. Struggles cutting off defensive linemen who shoot inside on him off the snap.

Is an athletic run blocker who exhibits impressive quickness on the move and displays the coordination to reach and seal a moving target in space. Possesses the body control to drop his pad level and cut down defenders along the line of scrimmage.

Impression: A coordinated lineman who showcases good body control and does a nice job mirroring defenders in space. But he lacks the kind of footwork and power needed to warrant a high grade as a potential starting offensive tackle. Looks limited to more of a right tackle role in a zone-blocking scheme.



Reed Williams: No. 47, ILB, 6'1", 232

A gritty, downhill linebacker who likes to attack the line of scrimmage and sniff out the ball inside. However, he isn’t overly physical at the point of attack and struggles shedding blocks in the run game.

Works hard through contact and does a nice job lowering his pad level and fighting through linemen when he gains an initial step, but can easily be washed out at the line of scrimmage. Displays some natural pass rushing ability inside and possesses the quickness to sidestep a block and get after the quarterback.

Never wins a battle outright, but scraps for every inch and has the willingness to simply make a play. Looks stiff and top-heavy when asked to run sideline to sideline and lacks ideal range in pursuit.

Impression: A blue-collar middle linebacker who has a tendency to disappear in the run game and lacks the fluidity to be much of a factor vs. the pass. 


Be sure to check out the rest of my team breakdowns at the National Football Post.





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