Two Worlds Will Collide...

Muazzin MehrbanCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

It is still difficult to fathom isn’t it? Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka will share the same changing room next season.

Although neither man is particularly huge, trying to fit Kaka’s heart and Ronaldo’s ego into the same confined space will not be easy.

Both men are regarded as the best in the world, both will be paid incredible wages, both will wear the same kit and draw admiration of almost equal measures, but both are also worlds apart.

The possessions both hold in their match day kitbags would probably underline many of these differences. Concealer and Swarovski earrings in one, holy water and crucifixes in the other.

Ronaldo’s phone would be awash with texts from any number of women that he has been partying with, while Kaka’s will probably show repeated dialled numbers and received calls to and from his wife.

The Portuguese wing wizard will be asking his teammates the location of Madrid’s best clubs and bars, while the Brazilian playmaker will probably inquire as to how far the nearest church is from the stadium, and if anyone can recommend a good babysitter.

Maybe I have been a little unfair, painting Cristiano as some carefree playboy and Kaka as a white knight, but there is no doubting that a divergence in attitude occurs between the two players once you finish considering their individual technical brilliance, which is probably best described as even.

Ronaldo will bring to the Madrid party an air of invincibility, a bullish confidence and cheeky smirk, all of which will be part of his mission to show the world what he can do, at the biggest club, on the biggest stage. While Kaka will also be all smiles and confidence, his goal will be to show the world what Madrid can do.

Do you see the difference?

So the battle begins, Ronaldo will capture headlines, while Kaka, hearts. They will both score goals. Ronaldo will push out his chest when he does, Kaka raise his arms skywards. Both will be successful. One will probably earn envy while the other affection.

I think you know who will be who.

If the 300 or so words you have just read sound like a despondent Manchester United fan, disappointed to have lost their best player and even more so because of the non-arrival of a certain Brazilian, then you would be right.

Surely I cannot be the only one feeling this way....can I?