Liverpool FC: A Blend Of Bad-Luck, Managerial Mistakes and Incompetency?

KabeeR JoshiCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

I had a dream recently. Steven Gerrard, with the assistance of newly signed players this summer,  lifting up the fervently awaited dream trophy namely Premier league on the last day of May 2010. The dream was only a dream soon to be busted by the mist of the morning.

I see Liverpool Football Club as merely the combination of misfortune, mistakes, and missed chances for the last few years. I am such a big supporter, not a fan, of the club just like those millions who have been waiting for almost two decades to see the Premier League trophy coming home to Anfield. In short, Liverpool FC is my Religion.

Okay, bad luck? Yes. Last season we finished second with 86 points on board, which is the record points for Liverpool FC, since the Premier League was started in 1992-93.

Give me the name of the Club who had achieved more than 85 points and did not win the League? Except for 1994-95 when Man United finished second with 88 points.We netted highest number of goals but we did not win..!!! Sheer bad luck.

Again, in the Champions League last year the possibilities were good when we were drawn against Chelsea in the quarterfinals.

Adrenaline was high, the blood was hot and Liverpool had won previous matches with supreme dominance. The Real Madrid curse (the team who beat Real Madrid in CL got beaten by the eventual Champions in the last 5 years) became true and we lost to Blues.

There were a few mistakes. Rafa's famous Rotation Policy dogged us.

Many a times not-needed rotation of players (for example, keeping Keane out of the squad for a mammoth match against Chelsea), unnecessary verbal fights with likes of Ferguson and co., taking it with ease at home games against not-so-stronger teams, Ryan Babel, Dossena etc cost us the Tittle.

Overconfidence around Christmas added extra pressure to it.

Incompetency? I think yes. Please do not get me wrong, our major disappointing incompetency is not in the players, but in their minds and mentality. Look at the current squad we have. Carra, Skrtel, Xabi , Javier, Stevie G is the strongest spine any club has got in Europe.

Torres-Gerrard double team is one of the deadliest any team has got. But we don't have the mentality that champions should posses.

The first time the world started to believe that this might be the year for Liverpool was in January. However, what we dearthed at the time was killer mentality, and the courage to bear the pressure of being on top, and maintaining the position for a couple of more months. 

Being honest, if we had won the  League before we would have sustained that pressure , but we took it easily and drew 3 home games to the relegation-feared teams and Man United took the advantage and it cost us the tittle.

I am hoping, we had learned a lot, specially how to stay on top and keep the position from last year's experience and what it would take us to get my earlier dream come true this year.

This is what I think.

We are the No. 1 ranked team in Europe at the moment. Please let me know your point of view on my first article.

What according to you is lacking in us to win our 19th?