Some Unbelievable Facts and Figures from the World of Sports

Rocky GettersSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2009

PESCARA, ITALY - JULY 03:  (L-R)  Cheerleaders dancing during Beach Volleyball Final event of  XVI Mediterranean Games at Stadio del Mare. on July 3, 2009 in Pescara, Italy.  (Photo by Getty Images)

No, not those figures above....

I'll dedicate an entire article to cheerleaders some other day. This article is solely devoted to some unusual, unbelievable, amazing facts and figures, about different sports and sports-persons, which you may not have heard or read before.


1. Every year the USA imports 1.3 trillion tons of beef. In unrelated information, NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and WWE wrestler The Big Show together have 1.2 trillion tons of beef for lunch on an annual basis.

2. The number of Roger Federer dolls Pete Sampras made and experimented with in order to stop Federer from breaking his record is 1,583.

3. Looking at the talent there is in the MLB, statistically speaking, there are 183 players who can break Barry Bonds' most home runs record in the next 15 years. In unrelated information, there are 183 players who are accused of using steroids in the league as well.

4. Statistically speaking, 100 percent of male readers who have clicked on this article are not even reading this and are still drooling over the picture of cheerleaders above.

5. Statistically speaking, in his NHL career, Patrick Roy has kept out pucks from his goal more effectively than Paris Hilton has kept intelligence out from her brain.

6. There are 1.5 billion cricket fans around the world! In unrelated information, the population of the Indian subcontinent is 1.5 billion.

7. Zero is the number of players who have gotten up without a scratch after getting tackled by Gennaro Gattuso.

8. Exactly 1,980,876 articles were published on the Internet related to the Brett Favre issue over the past few months. Oh wait! As I wrote this, 43 more were written.

9. Michael Schumacher is not human. He is an alien. Have you met a German who smiles?

10. One-third of Americans religiously follow NASCAR. In unrelated news, 33 percent of the American population possesses a gun, drinks more beer than water, thinks hunting is a sport, loves riding ATVs, and are referred to as err...anyways.

11. The number of marriage proposals Rafael Nadal has received from girls, so far, is  179,546.

12. There is only one player in the world who can beat Tiger Woods in golf. That person is "a Tiger Woods from the future brought in today's time via a time-machine."

13. The average number of women a football quarterback dates, per month, is 1,389

14. David Beckham is actually bald. That is why he can sport so many new hair-dos—he uses wigs. He is rich and married to Victoria, so he can get away with it.

15. The number of times the British media reported David and Victoria have split up is  189,456. Zero is the number of people who believe in what the British press says.

16, There are 2 million men in the world who love rugby. In unrelated information, according to a survey, there are only 2 million men in this world who are not sissies.

17. Statistically speaking, 57 percent of WWE fans love John Cena. In unrelated information, 57 percent of WWE fans are below the age of 12.

18. The sharp increase in the number of hazardously obese men and women in the United States is a serious concern for President Obama. The good news is Americans are quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with, in the sport of competitive eating!

19. Twenty-one minutes is the average time Steffi Graff needs to beat Andre Agassi 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, as they play tennis in their backyard every day. Twenty minutes is the time Graff would have required to do the same, if Andre had not pleaded her to play with one hand, a blindfold, and a stipulation of not to approach the net.

20. The number of posters I have in my possession of Maria Sharapova is 1,321,714. Incidentally, that is also the number of love letters I have sent to her, and as luck would have it, that is the exact number of death threats I have received from her father.


Disclaimer: The above article is meant only for laughs. The statistics, facts, and figures mentioned above are all made up for the sake of humor. No one is directly or indirectly meant to be belittled or insulted.