Drinking and Driving: It'll Cost You-Or Not

Matt JCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

So I'm sure many of you have heard about the Donte Stallworth case, he was drinking and driving and killed a human being. Well I'm hear to question some of the stuff that happened in this case and asked why do we make these guys out as heroes when they do stuff like this? The latest in this story came up today with Stallworth saying. "I didn't feel drunk". They also have Edwards as saying, "He looked fine". Now how many of you want to bet that Edwards himself was drunk? So of course Stallworth looked fine to him. 

So this brings out my first question of these guys are supposed to be heroes and legends right? Well in the news today it says that Stallworth, though he didn't feel drunk, drove drunk over from a club to the condo where his NFL buddies were. Now I want to bet that when he was clubbing, that he was with some of his hero buddy NFLstars. So if they are supposed to be some time of heroes, then why didn't someone who wasn't drunk offer to drive him or tell him to get a cab? I'm sure it would be mere pocket change to pay a cab driver to bring him where "needed" to be. 

Now this gets even better. After driving drunk over to the condo he had some more tequila and bought some shots for himself. 3 or 4 at most mind you, but he was counting and I'm sure he remembers just how many he had. So once he got there shouldn't one of those NFL heroes of said something like, "you shouldn't be drinking and driving man." You know like a normal HERO would do or maybe that's just me or even just a responsible adult. Of course not though his buddies let him go ahead and get behind the wheel again. 

This is where Stallworth kills a guy, but he's not too worried. Because after all he did honk at him a load of times and told him to move before crushing him, RIGHT! If what Stallworth says is true and he did honk a bunch and yelled at him to move, couldn't he of just been sensible and well I don't know hit the brakes? Maybe try and stop before killing the guy? Nope not him not this star, he needed his breakfast so it was moved or get moved because that old guys not that important right?

It gets even better now moving forward to the sentencing! Stallworth faced 15 years in prison. Stallworth however needs to serve only 24 days of his 30-day sentence. I mean come on this guy is a public icon right? So lets reduce his time even more, give him about a week more to go see how long it takes him to drive drunk again(I mean who follows the law anyways, he doesn't care if his license is revoked). After his release from jail, Stallworth must serve two years of house arrest and spend eight years on probation. He also can never drive again and must serve 1,000 community hours. 

See for some of us getting our license revoked for a lifetime would be terrible, but guess what this guy he's an all-star getting pay loads and loads of money. So he will simple buy himself a limo and a driver and hopefully at least then we can feel safe that someone else is driving. 1,000 community service hours sounds like a lot, but most NFL players do way more than that. He has a lifetime to do it anyways so that's no much. As for 2 years house arrest he'll still be a public figure and lining up every Sunday to be made into some hero. 

Now last but not least there was another DUI manslaughter case this week in the same general region. This guy though human and to me the same type of person that Stallworth is got, 1 year jail sentence and about double everything else. Plus he's being treated as a youthful defender.

So why does this guy get worse off then Stallworth? He didn't lie and make up stories or say he didn't feel drunk. He just told the truth and admitted what he did. So what message does that send to people? Lie and make up different stories, get a deal, and then admit what you did? I for one would want Stallworth's deal, so maybe if I'm ever in a bad situation(not drinking and driving because I don't drink) I'll try his route of lying.