Stars-Sharks Game 6 and a $5 Poker Tourny Running Commentary

Michael PeresContributor IMay 4, 2008

     It's time for one of my favorite past times playing an online multi table tournament while watching a sporting event.  Tonight on tap we have Game 6 of the Stars vs. Sharks game, a five dollar tournament on full tilt, a 6 pack of Killians Irish Red and a full bag of Ritz toasted sour cream and onion, and a long night ahead of me.  Hopefully the bitching of bad beats and bad hockey from the Stars will be kept to a minimum. 

8:17- Our first shot of Mike Grier for the Sharks, whose famous for anytime anyone brings up black people and hockey always gets his name mentioned.

I always wonder how hockey goalies are sooooo quick with their glove and can pick up the puck that fast.  I would wet myself if I had a 100 mph frozen piece of rubber coming at me and they just pick it up with their hand.

8:22- The first penalty of the game goes to San Jose for hitting Mike Ribiero in the head as he's about to tap in the sure goal.  Nothing is more frustrating then having someone from the other team ruin a sure goal then only having to sit in the box for two minutes. They should determine the punishment based on what the penalty cost the other team. 

8:24- AA in the poker tourney......pick up 210 in chips and the Stars all over the sharks right now. All over them.

8:30- One of my favorite things about playing online poker is looking around the table at all the different names that people play under and trying to figure out why they decided on that name. Always fun.

8:40- Hockey is without question the sport I would be worse at.....they do stuff on skates I can't do on my own feet, like when someone pushes me I fall down.  Chip count is at 1,255. Not good.

8:44-  I always feel like hockey has the biggest bandwagon fans when it comes to the playoffs.  Any hockey fan I know is either extremely hardcore or jumps on their favorite team's bandwagon as soon as the playoff starts and yes I am in the latter.

8:46- What a save by Marty Turco! Too bad he can't save the run of cards I'm on.

8:47- First intermission: time to switch to the Cubs Cardinals game on ESPN with the lovely Jon Miller and Joe Morgan and open that first Killians.

8:52- Gotta love the people who talk trash playing online tournaments, it's always fun to picture some 25 year old sitting behind his 4 monitors with his sunglasses on typing angrily at people he doesn't know who obviously don't realize that he plays poker for a living.  Then you ask him if he's such a big winner all the time why he's playing a 5 dollar tournament and you never get a response. 

8:58- Taken out of the tourney on a horrendous bad beat.  I hate hearing bad beat stories so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut, lets just say its caused me to quickly finish the first beer and start on the second.

9:02- Headline telling us that Cedric Benson had a rough day on a boat.  It involved alot of pepper spray and drunkeness on Benson's part.  Sounds like the end of my night tonight if the Stars don't pull it off and I decide to play another tournament.

9:09- They need to do an experiment where they switch the best announcers for every sport for a few games each season.  Dick Vitale probably doesn't know jack about hockey but it would be fun for him to go ballistic and try to say Jere Lehtinen in the same sentence.

9:12- GOAL! Miettenin scores on a rebound with help thanks to a rebound from Nabokov. From here on out hes going to be Nabby.  Nabby does not look happy with that goal, he knows if they lose this game its back to mother Russia for him for a couple of months.

9:16- Everytime I see a natty light commercial it makes me cringe that people actually drink that.

9:24- You know a goalie is playing well when he causes an announcer to use the words fantastic netminder and stymie in the same sentence.  As in "Marty Turco has been one of the fantastic net minders in the playoffs and that is shown here as he stymies Joe Thornton on that play".

9:30- Icing was probably the last rule in sports that made sense to me.  I don't think I understood icing until i was around 18 years old.  And if you try to explain icing to someone who doesn't normally watch hockey but is just watching the game it would be much easier trying to explain advanced trigonometry.

9:40- 2nd intermission.  I love the playoff beard tradition in hockey and would love for NBA players to try to do this.  I could just picture Lebron with a beard twice as long as what he already has while Wally Sczerbiak can't grow one and Ilgauskas looking like a European hit-man.

9:43- The best friend Mccack makes his first phone call wanting a score update and after I tell him the Stars are up 1-0 he nearly falls off the Stars bandwagon in delight, but quickly recovers and goes back to telling people they need to sign 5 types of damage waivers just to rent a freaking car.

9:56- 20 minutes away from going to the Western Conference finals.  15 second close up of the shark's head coach who looks like a cross between Anthony Hopkins and Barry Melrose.

9:59- Goal! 1-1. Sharks even it up which prompts me to go get the 2nd Killians.

10:05- 3rd straight shot on Turco, this is not looking good.  Stars are getting no pressure on Nabby and look like they are just dying to give up another goal.

10:09-  I really like the NBA playoff commercials that have 2 players and each half of the screen is one half of each players face.  The only thing that I would change is they always have the best players from each of the teams.  I just want to see one with half of Luke Walton's face and half of Brent Barry's face talking about their love for the playoffs.

10:15-  You can just feel the crowd waiting on the Shark's next goal.....Stars just iced the puck for a temporary relief in pressure as the worldwide network power known as Vs. takes us to commercial break.

For the record most of the time I play an online multi table tournament while watching a sporting event I make it past the first half hour.

10:22-  I can't say it enough Turco has been phenomenal tonight.  If he's not in goal it's at least 5-1 San Jose right now.  He just made another HUGE save that delayed the inevitable Dallas collapse.  I've always wondered what it takes to get thrown out of a face off.  If anyone reading this knows I would love for you to tell me.

10:30-  HUGE hit at the end of the 3rd! Good lord that was rough and Michalek for San Jose is out cold along the boards.  We are headed for OT but Michalek might not be joining us as he was just blown up in the biggest hit I have seen in a long while.

10:34- The Cialis commercial always gets me when they say you might have a problem if you've had an erection for longer than 4 hours.  You think?  I think I would keep it to myself instead of going to my Dr. and telling him I've had an erection for a quarter of a day.

10:51- The best save of all time just happened.....Nabby just pulled out the sickest save I have ever seeeen......I really can't describe the save I just saw. Oh my. So sickening.

11:07- Yes the game is still going on. 8:58 left in the first OT

11:23- Headed to double OT, of course the first running commentary and article I write goes to double OT and I have to wake up for work in about 6 hours. Ridiculous.

11:51- More hockey. Lots of tired players now, get that feeling that the game winning goal is going to be more from a mistake then a good play. We've officially gotten the graphic that this is the longest playoff game this season, still alot of the crowd there too.  The Dallas bandwagon fans make me proud.

12:07- 2nd OT is just about over......and there's the horn.  This game will never end. The final post is going to be the game winner I promise.....

12:55- The end of the 3rd OT and this article.....check for the final. Goodnight.


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