NFL Injruy Predictions: Who Will Be the Big Liability for Their Team in 2008?

Cameron VaccarellaContributor IMay 4, 2008

Here are my predictions of who the guy for each team will be that gets injured in some way causing them to lose a game or miss the playoffs.

There will be one prediction for each team, with a brief analysis of why I believe in this possibility.



2. St. Louis:  Steven Jackson

 This guy is a monster, but unfortunately he can't handle as many hits as he has in his career again since st.Louis has no offensive line talent that isn't gimped already.

3. Atlanta:   Roddy White

He's the only true offensive weapon besides a running back who's never been a consistent starter, so it's only bound to happen when he comes across the middle once or twice in a game.

4. Oakland:   Darren McFadden

He has the talent of a future hall of famer and I love his versaitility, but with Al Davis as the team's owner, he'll expect him to be an immediate reciever rather than a runner and it will cause Darren to be hit in the legs very often in the flats. If you didn't notice I hate Al Davis.

5. Kansas City:   Larry Johnson

 He's the next Shaun Alexander type of player...all the talent in the world, but it weill be overshadowed by a few injuries and the team will eventually quit on him.

6. New York Jets:   Vernon Gholston

He's a lazy player with plenty of ability. The NFL isn't made for Lazy players like him and he'll end up taking the wrong play off at the wrong time.

7. New England:  Tom Brady

His ankle seemed to be not that big of a deal when the Super Bowl started, but something seemed odd to me how he moved in the pocket, so watch for him to get biffed a little too hard...get ready to take care of him, Gisele.

8. Baltimore:   Haloti Ngata

 He went to Oregon and was a good Duck, so it sucks, but he is the central point of the defense (other than Ray Lewis) and teams will look to hurt him.

9. Cincinnati: T.J. Houshmandzadeh

He can't handle being the number one reciever and all alone without Chad Johnson for long...hope Cinci find a new reciever or makes Chad happy A.S.A.P.

10. New Orleans:   Drew Brees

Without him, the Saints will become the "Aints" really fast, and New Orleans o-line isn't exactly stellar.

11. Buffalo:  Trent Edwards

He's a great quarterback and the only reason Tavita Pritchard a.k.a. my ex- high school teammate didn't start right away, TC ostrander got lucky with his job, but yeah troy isn't going to have much time back there in the pocket.

12. Denver: Jay Cutler

He talks to much shite to keep playing without serios injury and he's fighting off diabeetus so he's got some problems headed for him.

13. Carolina:   Deangelo Williams

Jonathon Stewart will make this team immediate contenders, but Deangelo will cost them a game or two because he's so versatile that he will be over-utilized.

14. Chicago:  Rex Grossman

I highly doubt this is a bad thing, but he will get smashed around and be pitiful as usual...he's a waste of oxygen.

15. Detroit:   Roy Williams

Eventually he's gonna get traded or hurt, but I'm putting my money on the hurt part due to the talent of the DB's he has to play against.

16. Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald

He goes across the middle, blocks, catches tough passes, and is pretty fast, but all of that make one thing happen: defensive game-planning to hurt him.

18. Houston:   Matt Schaub

He's great and a good addition to the team at quarterback from two years ago, but he can't keep playing for teams with bad offensive lines...hope the Texans toughen up.

19. Philadelphia: Donovan McNabb

He's a slight distraction and an injury-prone nugget to this team...what a waste of great talent...Man-Up D-Nabb!

20. Tampa Bay:  Joey Galloway

Age is a key factor in football and he has always been a marvel of athleticism, but he's all alone out there to cath passes for now.

21. Washington:  Jason Campbell

Another example of a guy who has an average to below average o-line in front of him and Clinton Portis is already an Injury concern, so D's will focus on him a lot.

22. Dallas:   Tony Romo

Jessica Simpson won't be the distraction this year, but a pass-dropping and horrible playoff performing T.O. will cause Romo to make things up as he goes on too many plays...his knees will get blasted, sorry.

23. Pittsburgh:  Ben Roethlisberger

He's an arrogant chump who cheats on more than one occasion...and don't think because I'm a Hawks Season Ticket holder I'm only talking about Super Bwol XL- His arrogance will not work out for him while playing against Keith Rivers of Cincy or Ray Lewis and Ed Reed of Baltimore in 2008.

24. Tennessee:  Alge Crumpler

Knees! Knees! Knees!; he's gonna be catching too many passes from VY since nobody else on that team can mange that responsibility, which causes teams to hit him low in his giant body and his knees are already bad enough.

25. Seattle:  Walter Jones

One of my all-time favorite players since I was a o-lineman in High school and im a huge hawks fans, but his shoulders worry me a lot with his age creeping up quickly...I Hope my worries are just bad guesses.

26. Jacksonville:   Maruice Jone-Drew

His body type and his running style don't do him many favors, but his kick returns are also a liability because he take quite a few big whacks while running, but once again I hope it doesn't happen.

27. San Diego: Shawn Merriman

Steroids can affect a body in a negative way (that's a joke!) I truly think he isn't strong enough to handle top-notch offensive lineman and one of them will put him on his ass and he won't get up feeling right this season.

28. San Francisco: Patrick Willis

He won't be able to handle Steven Jackson, Julius Jones, T.J. Duckett, Owen Schmitt, and Edgerin James punding him 2 times each in 2008...not many players can. His knees or hamstrings will probably go out on him, but he'll come back because he's a great player with excellent potential.

29. Green Bay:  Donald Driver

He's so great at what he does that it puts fear into his oppnents(the smaller ones), which means he'll be a focal point of oppnents injury targets. And yes, teams do attempt to hurt players.  Prime example; Shaun Alexander hurt 3 years ago against Washington Redskins who repeatedly lead with their helmets to hurt him.

30. New York Giants:   Eli Manning

He may not be the greatest quarterbackin the league, but without him, the Giants will lose every game that is against a solid oppnent and they have quite a few of those games, so sorry Eli, but you're a huge target with Jared Lorenzen or whoever as your backup.

31.Miami:   Jake Long

I don't think Jake long has the body mass necessary to handle AFC East opponents on the other side so he may struggle and be knocked around really badly in his first year unless Bill Parcells and Co. can beef up his lower body.

32.Cleveland:  Braylon Edwards

He's got the body type of a lenghty player who is one missed attempt at a cath away from a huge hit from a safety that will end his season, so duck Braylon!