Newcastle United...Damned United?

Nivesh GautamContributor IJuly 7, 2009

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - MAY 24:  Newcastle United manager Alan Shearer (R) and his assistant manager Iain Dowie react during the Barclays Premier League match between Aston Villa and Newcastle United at Villa Park on May 24, 2009 in Birmingham, England. Newcastle United were relegated after their 0-1 defeat by Aston Villa.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

First of all my sincere apologies to the Newcastle fans for using such a hideous word for the club having such great footballing culture.

Damned is absolutely not a word to be used here but then the situation with the NUFC right now dictates that.

Yes we understand that Newcastle United is in the greatest turmoil one can imagine, but then are there any efforts made to resurrect the lost glory of this great club?

Each day the headlines just talk about the Real Madrid, Manchester United or some other big club going mental over some big player. Then we have small stories from the newly promoted sides to EPL describing the players they are targeting for their upcoming campaign.

If any space is left there will be news about a Championship player making way to another Championship team.

But then where is Newcastle United amidst all of this? One wonders and that curiosity leads to a search on Google.

Results would just put a Newcastle fan in confusion as one would only find things like Newcastle United evaluated only 20 million more then world's most expensive player (that figure may have come down in the last few days), or Newcastle United resident freak Joey Barton vows his undying allegiance to the club (like there is already anything left for him to prove).

Though there will be news about how finally Mike Ashley has decided to leave the club just to cheer a Geordie fan.

But one will hardly find anything positive about the club anywhere...

You won't find any threads about some new talent being chased by Newcastle United but there will be numerous threads about how the current players plan to get there ticket back to the top flight.

There is hardly anything on Alan Shearer doing the rounds. There will be upbeat notes about how everything will be sorted out once ongoing management crisis are solved but then won't that be too late.

Think about the scenario when all your top players have left for the top flight because don't expect guys like Barton, Martins, Smith, or Bassong to stay. They are top flight players and there will always be takers for them in the EPL but what about the void they are going to leave?

Big players won't come to Newcastle, young and upcoming players will be picked up by the big four and NUFC will only be left with options from the academy and some old players who won't have any takers.

No need to mention Michael Owen as he was never meant to be at Newcastle from day one.

It simply doesn't make any sense that even nearly two months after the debacle called relegation, Newcastle United finds itself facing an uncertain future. It won't be fair to pin all hopes on the new ownership as that thing is gonna take some time and by the time that dust will be settled, things will be bit more out of the hand then they are now.

Obviously one cannot put in a word like "Damned" for a club like Newcastle United just because it got relegated to the Championship tier but then the the factors stated above is surely giving out the message that it's the appropriate word to be used here.

One should feel sorry for such a great club handled by a chipmunk of a owner. He still says that he took some bad decisions but those few decisions were good enough to land Newcastle United where it is today.

I really regret picking up the title from the Michael Sheen flick but then these days it relates to Newcastle united without a doubt.

The Magpies will be missed next season...