Boise State: The Offense That Can't Be Touched

Fletcher KellyContributor IJuly 7, 2009

Over the years, Boise State has been known for it's tricky offensive schemes. Whether it be a simple play-action pass or a double-reverse pass to a wide open reveiver, Boise state leaves opposing defenses shaking in their cleats.

Boise State's running game has been a school trademark over the past few years. With runners such as Forsey and Johnson, it is hard not to run the ball. People may think that we will rely on Kellen Moore to get us through the games. Wrong! We have two returning players that are ready to ride the Broncos to a BCS bowl.

The first prime candidate and likely starter is Jeremy Avery. When this kJid got the ball last season, he shined like a star. Being overshadowed by the great Ian Johnson his whole career, Avery didn't get the ball like he would have at a different school. Did that make this kid quit? Absolutely not. He is determined to show the entire country how deadly he can be with the call in his hands.

Jeremy Avery won't be the only RB lined up in the backfield. D.J. Harper is there to bring a two-headed monster to life. Harper, a blazer in the backfield, has just as much to prove. He too believes that he can fill a starting position. While Avery will make you miss, Harper will just fly right past you, leaving the defenses feeling dejected. D.J. could line up at wide out if he wanted to.

At wide receiver, we have two stand-out players. Known for his spectacular leaping grabs, Austin Pettis will be the "go to" receiver. Pettis, like Avery and Harper, has been overshadowed by a stand out Bronco: Jeremy Childs. Childs' decision to leave early for the NFL makes Pettis the leader of these wide outs. Look for this guy on ESPN. He will be the one making a Jerry Rice catch.

Titus Young, a phenominal athlete, excelled immediatly at Boise State. His very first catch on the team was a floater that would have otherwise been impossible to snag down. That was a foreshadow of things to come. To me, he is the most exciting player on this team. Coming off of a recent suspension last season, Young has redemption on his mind, and trust me; he has a prefect QB to get him the ball.

Kellen Moore has immediatly emerged as the leader of this team. As a freshman, he had a passer rating of 157.11 and passed for 3,486 yards and 25 touchdowns. Kellen has a very bright future ahead of him. Moore's job was made easier with the excellent play of his wide receivers.

Boise State is in search of another BCS game. If they live up to their own potential, they just might get it.

Keep alert for my next article about Boise State's defense.