Will Kyle Busch be a Champion?

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Will Kyle Busch be a Champion?
(Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)


When will Kyle Busch be a champion?

Just the name Kyle Busch will bring an immediate emotional response. Usually, it’s either love him or hate him. Busch is a possibly the most talented driver to hit NASCAR since Dale Earnhardt Sr. hit the big time.

And just like Dale Sr. was, Kyle Bush is a bit rough around the edges. Busch hates to lose and doesn’t like to lift off the gas pedal. Just like Ricky Bobby,  Kyle Busch finishes "first or last baby!" Ironically, Busch’s greatest strength may also be his greatest weakness.

Kyle Busch has yet to grasp the concept of point racing. For instance: Saturday's Coke Zero race at Daytona. On the last lap, Busch took the lead from Veteran driver Tony Stewart. As expected, Stewart Ran Bush down. After blocking Stewart on the low side, Busch attempted another block high.

Well, for one thing the second attempt at blocking breaks a golden rule of Nascar. You only get one block. After that you are fair game. Needless to say when Busch tried to get back up high Stewart was already there. This dumb move sent Kyle flying into the fence just short of the finish line.

Stewart,  apologized  saying "if I did anything wrong but, I don’t think I did." Jimmie Johnson, who finished third, said Stewart acted responsibly and ultimately had "no place else to go" when Busch tried to block Stewart, who is still the series points leader.

Stewart may feel genuinely bad about the way he won but, the responsibility has to fall on Busch’s shoulders. His overly aggressive driving  has consequences. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Kyle needs to drive smart just like Earnhardt Sr. did.

Another lesson that Busch needs to learn is humility off the track. Pouting and sulking damages his image. Instead of pouting after a loss, he needs to stand in front of the media and give congratulations to the winner.

A champion doesn’t run away pouting when he loses.

A true champion stands in front of the media and talks about his weaknesses and how he can improve on them.

A true champion doesn’t make excuses every time he loses.

Like all the great drivers before him, Kyle Busch needs to learn his lessons. Sadly it appears that Busch is going to learn them the hard way.


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