The Fallout for Bernie Ecclestone Begins!

PaulSenior Writer IJuly 7, 2009

Bernie Ecclestone is under pressure after his recent remarks, when he suggest that Hitler "got things done", and that Max Mosley has the same type of leadership qualities.

Almost as soon as he made the remarks, criticism came from all sources. Politicians, media, and other teams all seemed to express their concern over his remarks.

Well things have escalated, and the fallout has started!

In a shock move, Bernie cancelled a planned visit this Thursday for the grand opening of a new high-tech leisure that is at the Nurburgring circuit. The opening had been planned to coincide with this weeks German Grand Prix at the same track.

No reason was given by the Nuerburgring GmBH company, except to say the were informed of Bernie's shock decision by phone.

While Bernie missing a meeting is of no real concern in or of itself, in light of the other incidents, and the outpouring of criticism, that makes this a much bigger deal. The Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg cancelled an important meeting with Ecclestone on Monday because of his remarks.

The reason for the meeting was to address the financial problems faced by Hockenheim. This was a very important meeting, so having it cancelled by the Prime Minister has huge implications.

When informed about his meeting being cancelled with the Prime Minister, Ecclestone was shocked, and replied, "As far as I'm concerned, I am to meet him at 12 o'clock on Sunday. Nobody has said anything to the contrary to me."

Having very important meetings cancelled in the space of a few days suggests that Bernie is in for a very rough ride. With calls from many sources suggesting that he needs to leave the sport, the talk is that he will miss this weeks German GP.

Yesterday, it was the teams that were crying foul against the FIA and their forced engines choice. Today it is Bernie who is the focal point of politicians anger. Yes those that have the most to gain by the fall of Bernie and Max, have said nothing.

Could FOTA, be stirring the hornets nest?