ATP Rankings To Adopt Bleacher Report Ranking Model (humor)

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ATP Rankings To Adopt Bleacher Report Ranking Model (humor)
(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The ATP ranking system for men's tennis will now be changed over to the new model used by the Bleacher Report for its own set of writers.

Performance will now only be part of the rankings.  Players will now compete for points by commenting on other players.  Players giving the most interviews will be shooting up the ranks in no time. 

Also key to advancing up the ranks is obtaining points by other players.  This may result in strange alliances that could be divided along nationalistic lines. 

Under these changes, Roger Federer has dropped the number one position and has sunk to a lowly 143.  Rafael Nadal has also slipped to 167.  Andy Roddick surprisingly did a little better by checking in at 77.

Here is the list of the new top ten players dominating the ATP:

1. Alexandro Nogo—Spain

2. Johnny Swashbuckle—USA

3. Gabe Crapian—Lebanon

4. Ricardo Siesta—Mexico

5. Gustaf Slowmannn—Germany

6. Rasta Izzydozzit—Jamaica

7. Iva Godanic—Serbia

8. Nikolay Pishdrunk—Ukraine

9. Nigel Glutton—Great Britain

10. Gaston Gasov—Russia

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