Don't Look Down on Brett Favre for Wanting to Play Football

Sarah BContributor IJuly 7, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 30:  Brett Favre #4 of the New York Jets throws a pass against the Denver Broncos on November 30, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Up in Wisconsin, football is more than just a game.

It's a religion.

Brett Favre was the king of football up there, and then one day he retired. Packers nation was sad. Grown men were sobbing, Favre included. 

Several months down the road...bits and pieces of the truth began to trickle to the media: Favre wants to play football again. He wants to play for the Packers.

But he changed his mind again. He wants to stay retired.

Several weeks later, he's back to wanting to play again—only this time the Packers have moved on and have begun practicing with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback.

It's too late for you, Brett. You're not needed anymore.

Fans protested, churches closed, the world ceased to exist as we know it. Yeah, okay, not really. 

BUT Favre did still want to play football. He was shocked and hurt by the realization that the team he gave 16 years of his life to no longer wanted him around.

So what else could he do? He had to be traded. Of course he wanted to go to the Vikings. To still be in the NFC North and to be able to play in an offense he knows very well would be the best solution.

Of course, that's the last thing the Packers wanted.

So where to for Favre? Football Siberia: the New York Jets. A team with an offense he knows nothing about, and one that was guaranteed to never face the Packers unless both teams miraculously made it to the Super Bowl.

So he did what he had to. He moved to New York. Learned the offense. Went from the smallest football media market to the biggest.

And you know what? He did all right. The Jets were 8-3. They looked like a sure playoff contender.

But then things changed. Favre's arm went downhill. By the end of the season, the Jets had barely missed the playoffs, and Brett's interception and touchdown numbers were dead even.

What happened to Ironman Brett Favre? 

So he retired again. Jets fans were clamoring for a new quarterback after turning on Favre. Favre cited his arm as the primary reason for retirement.

Then once again, rumors started appearing again that he had the "itch" to play. Some wonder if this is going to become a yearly thing.

Pretty soon we find out, quite surprisingly, that the Jets have granted Favre his release. What?!?!?

And wouldn't you know it, rumors are flying that Favre wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Weeks go by with no real reports other than media speculation.

Then a tiny morsel of hope: Favre goes on Joe Buck Live and gets asked point blank if he will play again.

His answer?


You have to love that ol' gunslingin' quarterback. Packers fans are outraged that Favre would even consider going to the Vikings.

That's something I can NOT understand. Football is simply a BUSINESS. If he can't keep a job in one place, he will get a new one and keep doing what he loves until he can no longer do it. With his recent shoulder surgery, I'm pretty sure he will have no problems if he plays this season.

And really, would you want the entire media industry breathing down your neck if you retired from your job and then wanted to come back after you realized you're not quite ready to sit around doing nothing after you've been working so long? And if the company you invested most of your time with wouldn't take you back, wouldn't you go back somewhere else?

It's the same situation. Why deny Favre a right that everyone should have? Just because his situation is more public? Because it's football? It's BUSINESS. And he loves football. So he's going to play if he wants to.

So leave him alone.

If the reports are true about Favre putting a down payment on a condo in Edina, Minn. are true, my day certainly won't be ruined—and neither should yours.

Live and let live.