Bo Dallas Talks Growing Up in a Wrestling Family, Bray Wyatt and WWE NXT

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2014

Source: WWE

WWE Superstar Bo Dallas thrilled the masses Sunday at the Battleground pay-per-view and over the course of his winning streak, and he is winning over fans with every passing day.

With huge upside, a long lineage of family in the wrestling business and a character that can draw a genuine reaction from the WWE Universe, Dallas has one of the brightest futures out of any of the new crop of stars and should be a staple of WWE programming for years to come.

As one of the youngest members of the main roster, there is no doubt that Dallas has room to grow in the ring and on the mic.

With that said, he has already proven that he deserves to be on the big stage and is making the most of his opportunity.


Growing Up in the Business

The pressure of working in the wrestling industry can be tough on a wrestler, but it can be even harder on a wrestler who comes from a long line of talented performers. For Dallas, his family has been in the sport for decades.

Not only did his father wrestle as Irwin R. Schyster and build a reputation across the world, but his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan was also one of the biggest stars of his generation.

Dallas’ brother Bray Wyatt is also one of the top stars in the WWE today, and the relationship between the two men has been one of the keys to success for each as they continue to grow in the business.

When asked about the issues wrestlers face on the road and the impact of having family there for support, Dallas spoke about the benefits of those relationships, courtesy of News of Delaware County's Joe Arcidiacono:

Road life is hard. You’re always traveling and you never get to go home, but when you have your family on the road, you always have someone you can trust to bounce ideas off of and know that the advice you get is in the best interest for you. It’s just a great feeling to know you can have someone like that on the road with you at the hardest times.

Dallas went on to talk about the memories he has from his younger years and growing up with the children of the stars he looked up to as a kid:

Oh yeah, tons. Just being around WWE superstars throughout the past that I consider friends and family, and learning from them and watching them and having little memories growing up that help today and just having the comradery and seeing old friends and people I grew up with. Seeing their sons and their daughters and being together with them, it’s just like a family.

Dallas may only have a few years in the sport as a professional, but he has a lifetime of experience. For the young wrestlers who get into the industry later in life, the hard lessons of the road can be too much to bear at times.

For Dallas, it’s been the status quo for his entire life.

While there is no question that the expectations are higher for stars who come into the business that their families helped revolutionize, the fact that WWE has helped Dallas build his own character and hasn’t depended on lineage will be the edge he needs to succeed.


The Transition from NXT to WWE

Dallas has been one of the most interesting wrestlers on the main roster since making the jump from WWE’s developmental system, NXT, but it took months of hard work and determination to make the feat happen.

Many stars falter along the way and never reach their full potential, but everything has gone correctly for Dallas so far. The gimmick is unique and entertaining, but it’s his commitment to it that really sells the storyline.

When asked about the transition from NXT to the WWE and the advice he’d give to wrestlers making the move, Dallas said (per Arcidiacono):

The way the developmental system is these days is different than it has ever been. They do so much to prepare us for making that jump from NXT to the big stage that there’s not many differences. NXT is its own brand and has become bigger than I think ever thought was possible. But if I can give any inspirational advice to anyone coming up, really look at what you do and know that what works, works. It doesn’t matter the size of the stage, if it works at a smaller stage, it will work at a bigger stage and stay true to what you are and bo-lieve in yourself.

Dallas found immense success with his character while in NXT, and he turned that into the longest run with the company’s developmental championship in its short history.

So far, he has also translated that success to the WWE seamlessly.

With more and more fans understanding the genius behind his gimmick each week, the hope is that Dallas will remain a staple of WWE programming for a long time and win the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday.

The WWE Universe should Bo-lieve in Bo Dallas.


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