Hey Nomar: Welcome Home

Thomas H.Correspondent IJuly 7, 2009

BOSTON - JULY 06:  Nomar Garciaparra #1 of the Oakland Athletics was greeted by cheering fans on his first at bat against the Boston Red Sox on July 6, 2009 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Garciaparra was traded in 2004 from the Red Sox to the Los Angeles Dodgers before he joined Oakland. The Athletics defeated the Red Sox 6-0.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Nomar Garciaparra. That name on itself almost makes me feel emotional. When Nomar left Boston at the trade deadline in 2004, the emotions in Boston were confused. For the first time, the Sox fans felt as if we were betrayed. A player that would clearly be a Hall of Famer and had always been a Red Sox player was getting kicked out?

Nomar felt it too. After the trade, he was never the same. Since leaving, he has had a single season over .300 after his career with the Sox was almost always over that.

The 2004 year with Boston, he was batting .321. When he got to Chicago, he batted at .297.

His last few years have been filled with injuries. He has never forgotten about Boston, but what he might not realize is we never forgot about him. We miss you Nomar.

When he got up in the top of the second inning, he didn’t just have a standing crowd, no that wouldn’t be good enough. The crowd stood for what seemed like an eternity, and he tipped his cap multiple times.

I can wrap up the Red Sox offense in this game in two words: two hits. One hit in the second inning by Jason Bay, and the second by Nick Green.

Brett Anderson, the Oakland starting pitcher, went all nine innings with two hits and two walks and not even close to a run.

Meanwhile, John Smoltz wasn’t as lucky. He lasted just six innings, gave ten hits and a tough five earned runs.

Four runs came in the 5th inning, as the Athletics had five hits (including a Nomar single). They would add another in the sixth inning, and John Smoltz was done with a 5-0 deficit.

Takashi Saito let up a solo homer to Orlando Cabrera in the ninth, and the Red Sox went down in order at the bottom of the 9th inning.

The Sox lost 6-0, but nothing changed as the Yankees lost to the  Blue Jays 7-6. Boston is still one game up on New York, but that wasn’t the news today.

Nomar came home, if only for one day. He returned to us, and that makes me feel so happy.

Even if we lost, its a great day to be a Sox fan.