Four Qualities Of Cm Punk: Just Start Jumping on The Band Wagon

James TurnerCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2009

   Now this is a piggyback off Terrell Johnson's article but this was an article I wanted to work on for awhile. Now Mr. Johnson made some valid points about CM Punk's reign and stint in the WWE and his previous promotions. That's his article.

   There were some things that I did agree about. And some that I disagreed about.

   I've only watched maybe 10 episodes at most of ECW since joining WWE. I do remember the first one I caught featured CM Punk's debut promo. I thought it was really good and he had some potential I just didn't know if he would live out his potential, especially since that was my first time hearing of him.

   The few times I did catch ECW I noticed he would get quite some pops but I would never keep the TV on that show (no disrespect to WWE).

   I wasn't a big fan of him winning the Money in the Bank the first time and I wasn't really too big on him until he pinned Edge by cashing in his briefcase.

   That moment he hit that GTS on Edge and won the World Heavyweight Title I knew he was going to be a star. Not because he won the title but just by his whole character and the way he won it.

   You see to survive in the WWE you must have four quality things. Good promo skills, we all know that. You have to have a good theme song. All the legends of wrestling have classic theme songs and ring entrances. Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, The Undertaker, HBK, even Kurt Angle's old WWE theme.

   You must also have great charisma. Now some wrestlers have won the gold without too much charisma but its rare. And if they did I'm pretty sure they didn't win it multiple times like Edge or HHH.

   Last but not least at all, you need to have you a solid punishing finishing move. Taker's Tombstone, Sweet Chin Music, Stone Cold Stunner, Rock Bottom, all solid finishing moves.

   When I saw Punk hit that GTS on Edge, that was actually my first time actually seeing his finishing move. That goes to show I wasn't watching too much CM Punk on TV. I just knew that he would ALWAYS lose to Chris Jericho whenever they fought. But that finishing move is the X factor to Punk having a successful run in the WWE.

   The one thing I do disagree with Terrell Johnson about is what I also disagree with a lot of others about. CM Punk's first title reign was far from bad booking. Honestly, it was the perfect booking for Punk.

   Think about before Punk won that first heavyweight title, he was losing to Chris Jericho and other lames like Chavo Guerrero and the Miz, who I actually like.

   So having him win the World title then have him fight to survive was perfect booking. When you had guys like Kane, Batista and Cena going for your belt it's going to be hard for a guy who's still young and having a hard time with midcarders to hold onto that belt.

  That's what the WWE did so beautifully. They had a man who was giving his all into a match but was having a hard time holding onto the title. Like when he fought Batista last year at the Bash. Batista was whipping him good but Kane interfered. Now if Batista won that would be expected. But giving Punk a GTS finishing move on Batista right when he was just losing a few weeks back to the Miz would have been unrealistic.

   So they threw JBL at him and anyone could really beat JBL, even Hornswoggle, although I liked JBL. He gets a few victories and then he gets taken out by Legacy. He doesn't even get a chance to lose his own title, it was taken from him.

   So that just shows Punk that he has to be ready and better himself for the next time he gets a chance to hold that World Title.

   That's when Money In The Bank came into play. In the month or two leading into Wrestlemania 25 and the Money in the Bank ladder match, who was the most focused and determined wrestler to not only get into the ladder match but also win it? CM Punk.

   Every Monday on Raw he was coming out pointing to the Wrestlemania 25 logo and pointing at the briefcase and you even seen him talking trash in the eight man tag matches. Not only to the heels but to the faces that he was going to win the Money in the Bank.

   I don't think anyone thought he would defend his MITB victory from the previous Wrestlemania but the perfect CM Punk booking by the WWE threw a swerve as they surprised everyone by giving him another briefcase to hold.

   That's when I knew they were going to put Punk over huge. I was only waiting for the when they were going to do it. And they did at Judgment Day. He took advantage of a fallen Jeff Hardy and won the title.

   Now if you don't notice, I want you to take a look at how Punk carries himself to the ring nowadays as to when he won the title the first time. He seems more confident and he seems fit to defend the title against anyone at any given moment. Best part about it is that his character seems so genuine that he reacts to the fans so well.

   So once again, I agree with Terrell Johnson. CM Punk is not only ready to be a star he will be a huge megastar if he keeps playing his character the way he has. Vince McMahon knows he has money in CM Punk and he's not going to mess this one up. No matter how much people are rooting for Jeff Hardy over Punk, Punk will retain at Night of Champions.

   I'm not big on jumping on people's bandwagons but in this case, I'm all aboard CM Punk's bandwagon. Who's with me?