Best Three UFC Cards Ever

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJuly 7, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 21: Gabriel Gonzaga of USA knocks out Mirko Cro Cop of Croatia during a Heavyweight bout of the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the Manchester Evening News Arena on April 21, 2007 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images)

In light of tonight's 100 Greatest UFC fights in the history of the UFC, I decided to put together a listing of my favorite, more memorable three UFC cards.

The listing isn't done by a rating system, nor is it up for people to say that my card was a bad choice.

It's my choice, so for me, it's right.

By all means, write your own, and I certainly hope you do. This is mine, so that means you took a little time out of your day to read it, which I appreciate.

The three cards I picked were very fun, memorable cards to me either because of one bout, or generally because of the way the entire card went that night.

Feel free to chime in with what you were doing that night...makes it more fun for us all.

Here they are!


3) UFC 70: Nations Collide

This event was a very fun, exciting card for me, and it's not because Alessio Sakara finally pulled a win out of the UFC hat.

The bout between Assuerio Silva and Cheick Kongo was good for the times as both were relatively unknown around then, and both very muscular.

It was different styles, which made for a decent fight.

Speaking of relatively unknown LYOTO MACHIDA, he fought on the card against David Heath and secured his second UFC win. The Arlovski/Werdum fight that night was particularly fun, as I was a huge Arlovski fan before the glass jaw.

But of course, what stole the night was the man out of my native lands in Ludlow, MA.

Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga sure did Na-Pow Mirko "Leave the UFC at the drop of a dime" Cro Cop with the kick from hell. Not only did it nearly decapitate Cro Cop, it also buckled his leg worse than a soccer player on a high tackle.

Needless to say, it was a banner night...for me at least.


2) UFC 79: Nemesis

Much like the common fan, on paper this card looked amazing.

From GSP/Hughes to the dream match we were all waiting for between Chuck and Wanderlei, this card had it all.

To start it off, and a surprise to my recollection, was Rich Clementi beating Melvin Guillard—a man who I thought (and still think) had the physical tools, only needed to get with a camp that knew how to use them to be one of the better fighters in the UFC.

Guillard and Clementi both pushed the pace, as I remember, and both had good showings, while Clementi sunk in that choke to cement the fight in the first round.

Really exciting bout.

Then of course was the true coming out party for today's LHW champion Lyoto Machida. Machida faced off against the highly touted Sokoudjou, who was actually favored coming into the fight, if I remember correctly.

It only took Machida a few minutes to settle in and get his counter game going. He finished off Sokoudjou at the end of the second round via arm triangle, and put himself on the map at the same time.

Of course the only thing better to follow that up was a grudge match between Liddell and Silva. I don't have to remind people how these two came out and banged, but needless to say that could've, should've, and probably did end up winning fight of the year.

If it didn't, it should've for sure because those two fought like they hated one another, and they both still had it.

And, what else can be said about GSP after the main event on this evening?

GSP dominated Hughes in the first round, as my brother and I beared witness to the end of an era with GSP reigning in a new era. The fight legitimately could've been stopped during the first as Hughes took so much pain and punches.

GSP came right out in the second, though, and secured the fight with a very modified armbar to win back his UFC Welterweight title.


What a night.


1) Ultimate Fighter Finale Season One

I know it's cliche, but this was the event that started it all for me and my UFC fandom.

No, I wasn't one of the millions that heard from friends to turn on the amazing fight, but while eating dinner looking for something to watch as a family, I turned on the Spike channel to see what could be on.

I wandered upon Diego Sanchez preparing for Kenny Florian. I very loosely followed the TUF Season One experience, so I'm slightly familiar with the final.

I immediately picked Sanchez to win, but over time I've learned that Kenny is the true man at 155 lbs. today. Anyway, I watched Sanchez steamroll Florian to get to the main attraction, and the fight that started it all for many UFC fans.

I watched the way Griffin came to be in the finals, starting out as a cop and coming from very homely beginnings. I looked at Bonnar as well, and picked Forrest to win.

You all know the rest, and I thoroughly enjoy myself and so does the family. A successful night of fights all around.

And that's it ladies and gents.

Hope you had fun reading.

Comment away, and that's it.


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