Superstars the WWE Screwed Up on

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2009

As we all know, due to the current global recession, there has been a tidal wave of releases from the WWE.

There have been some that have made sense.

There are some that are just ehh, and then there is the "WTF, why?" category.

A majority of these releases have been of talented young guys that never really got a chance to make it in the WWE.  Some have found success elsewhere, and others we just haven't really heard from.

Here are just a few releases the WWE has screwed up on.


1) Mr. Kennedy

This has to have been one of their biggest screw-ups as of late, and definitely falls into the "WTF why?" category (When I read that Kennedy was released, I had a mouthful of Mountain Dew that promptly ended up all over my monitor).

Kennedy was regarded as one of the more talented younger guys, and he was pretty good on the Mic. A lot of people saw him becoming a world champion.

This seemed to be strongly supported by the fact that WWE saw him as a big enough star to put him in a movie, albeit it was a straight to DVD movie.

His past has been dotted with injuries, but so is every other major and upper mid-card WWE talent. One of the main reasons people were shocked at the sudden release was he had just returned from his most recent injury and worked a main event 10 man tag match, in which his team managed to pick up the victory.

Many hope that Kennedy goes to TNA, and I admit I am among the many.

Kennedy has the potential to be a big star, and right now the reasons for his release are still debatable.  The most common rumor being Randy Orton complaining about a slightly botched back suplex.


2) Daivari/Sheik Abdul Bashir

I will say that when Daivari was released from the WWE roughly two years ago, I wasn't surprised at all.

To the best of my knowledge, he couldn't wrestle and he could barely speak English, so when he was released I thought it made sense.

Then, in 2008, I got a straight kick in the ass as I watched his debut in TNA.

The man was actually a fairly solid wrestler and could draw a reasonable amount of heat when given the chance. I find it rather unlikely he picked up all that ability with only several months on the Indy circuit and just attributes this to another case of just flat out misuse.

Perhaps another of WWE's bigger screw-ups as Sheik Abdul Bashir has since gone on to become one of TNA's better mid-carders.  At this point, even WWE has found they made a mistake as they have supposedly expressed interest in resigning him.

I find that the reason Daivari was likely released from WWE is he wasn't exactly one of their more popular talents, and the large amount of racism surrounding his gimmick may have prevented a push, especially when one takes into consideration what happened with Muhammad Hassan.


3) Kizarny

This one immediately pops into my head when I think of guys WWE screwed up on.

Kizarny had months of build-up promos showing him doing a lot of carnival related stuff. Then he finally got into the ring with MVP. The match was okay, not stellar by any opinion, but it was okay.

This would prove to be his first out of only two televised appearances, the second being in the elimination chamber battle royal.

So when he was released after all the hype, I was terribly confused.

Sure his match was only an okay one, but he got half-way decent pops. I'm sure if he had continued to wrestle we would have seen something better, anyone can have a bad night.

I find where WWE screwed up here is they were taking someone who was a career heel and making him into a face. If you listened to the way he talked and just looked at his appearance, you would think he was a heel.

Someone spitting out gibberish, most of which you could barely understand, just doesn't work for a face gimmick.

Kizarny has since found success wrestling in a series of matches against WWE Legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts for the "Jim Rose circus vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts" tour.

Kizarny is wrestling the main event against Jake every night.


4) Kenny Dykstra

This is another one of those releases that when a lot of people heard about it, they went ehh.

We all know where Kenny Started in the WWE, that inexcusable crap officially known as the Spirit Squad. After the breakup, Kenny has a brief feud with Ric Flair.  Afterward, he was demoted to Heat where he feuded with Val Venis and Eugene.

He then briefly teamed with Johnny Nitro, AKA John Morrison, before being moved to Smackdown where he had a little success. After vanishing from television for six months in 2008, he returned, lost to Triple H, and was released.

The biggest part they screwed up with on Kenny Dkystra was the potential he had. Kenny could have been a big star in the company. He had okay in-ring work and okay mic skills.

He wasn't really given a good shot considering his biggest solo rivalry was the one he had against Flair. He should have been in the United states title hunt after his move to Smackdown.

Kenny has since dropped off the map as I haven't really heard much about him wrestling.


5) Chuck Palumbo

Chuck Palumbo—the man that the WWE failed to turn into a star not once, but twice.

Chuck was always a fairly solid wrestler. He was a little less than average on the mic, but he was a pretty good wrestler and had a solid gimmick in his second stint with the company.

He was once again one of the "ehh" releases.

Where did the WWE go wrong with him that required him to be released?

Well there is one possibility I can see.

They had him turn heel, and changing someone from face to heel requires a little more work than a jump or a turn on someone. It is a slow gradual process that, when done correctly, can really interest the viewer.

It also requires a very lovable face.

Chuck Palumbo turned heel by blaming Michelle McCool for his losses, which eventually culminated when he tried to take out his frustration over losing on her physically. A majority of this feud took place against Jamie Noble.

He wasn't really a strong face, as he was just turning face after a run as a heel, so trying to turn someone heel against him really wouldn't work. Palumbo then cut a promo about Michelle and Noble, and the feud abruptly ended not too long afterward, leaving Palumbo's heel character in mid-development.

Brief feuds against Finlay and CM punk followed, but were not enough to redeem Palumbo's character. Palumbo was moved to RAW and released without ever re-debuting.

Well here are five of the superstars that WWE screwed up on.

The list is much longer.

WWE seems to have a knack for screwing over mid-card talent, so the list will only continue to grow.

I decided I will do a part two based on the response this one gets, so I hope to see you all back for part two.



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