Patty Mills, Aron Baynes Videobomb Australian Reporter with Larry O'Brien Trophy

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Julian de Stoop was just trying to do his job.

The Fox Sports News correspondent was in Melbourne reporting from outside the headquarters of AFL club Collingwood when two punks ran into his live shot. They were carrying a golden obelisk and yelling about some guy named Larry, and they most certainly were not welcome.

Irritated but unruffled, De Stoop gave the nearest chap—a tiny little cad with an arm cast—a measured shove.

"Get off, boys," De Stoop muttered. "Get off."

And off the intruders went—Patty Mills and Aron Baynes, two NBA champions running about Melbourne, Australia, with basketball's most coveted trophy in tow.

FootyJunkie spotted video of the incident that quickly left De Stoop in an awkward situation.

Moments after he brushed the men off, anchors back in the studio informed De Stoop that he had just stiff-armed one of his nation's biggest international sports stars.

"I'm highly embarrassed about that," De Stoop said later in the broadcast (h/t Timothy Burke of Deadspin). "I thought it was just a couple of Collingwood nuffies doing their thing."

De Stoop apologized for the palming and said he planned to make amends with the two basketball players.

"The surgically-repaired Patty Mills and his San Antonio teammate Aron Baynes this morning caught me off-guard," De Stoop wrote in a Herald Sun article about the incident. "I thought Mills and Baynes were a couple of Collingwood punters. Oops."

The reporter also claimed Mills' shoulder is looking good.

"He barely flinched when I gave him a gentle shove!" De Stoop wrote. "Sorry for that Patty—all the best with the recovery and the championship defence."

Just goes to show, the media will lay down the law if you enter their live shot. Don't be surprised if you walk on camera and get boxed out.


Punters and nuffies: always getting in the way.

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