Donovan McNabb's "Arizona Week" Begins Today

2 Minutes to Midnight GreenCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles practices during mini camp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

As most fans know, every offseason McNabb takes his wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs down to his home in Arizona to get some practice in before training camp opens and they're at the mercy of the coaches.

During this week, the guys will work on their timing. They run routes, work on concepts, blocking schemes, and everything else. McNabb usually recruits a few linebackers and defensive backs to come down as well so they're not running against air.

The Eagles had one of the best defenses in the league last year, so who better to practice against?

After practice, McNabb usually treats the guys to dinner, or some kind of other entertainment in order to create a bonding experience. Believe it or not, a football team will perform much better, regardless of the talent level, if all of the guys view the guy next to them as a "friend."

As far as I know, all of the main guys are going with McNabb.

Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, and Cornelius Ingram have all accepted their invitations to go down, as well as the veteran guys. Brian Westbrook will understandably not be attending as he is rehabbing his knee and ankle at the moment.

A guy like Maclin must be careful not to hurt himself while doing something like this. Let's keep in mind that Maclin technically isn't even in the NFL yet. Yes, he's been drafted, but until he puts his name on that dotted line, he's really just a rental for the Eagles.

I would also assume that something like this is probably not allowed in their contract. I know guys are not allowed to be caught playing beach football or things of that nature, so McNabb and Crew probably have to get special permission from Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid.

But, worries aside, let's hope that this gets all of these guys on the same page and will lead to a lot of offensive success this season.