Big Ten Top Teams: MSU 12-0 Not Just a Dream

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IJuly 6, 2009

DETROIT - APRIL 06:  Sparty the mascot for the Michigan State Spartans looks on in the first half against the North Carolina Tar Heels during the 2009 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball National Championship game at Ford Field on April 6, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Okay I know who every read the title of the article is thinking that I am completely crazy but the just look at the team. You have an amazing offensive set with Kirk Cousins and Keith Nichol double teaming as quarterbacks for MSU.  Both quarterbacks were able to throw for 357 yards exactly in the spring game opposing each other. 

So MSU has a new offensive setup so how about defense? Two nouns: Greg Jones.  That man is a beast, a tackling machine.  Ranked 17th in the nation in tackles he had 127 combined for his sophomore year.  The man in action is amazing and is the main stay of MSU’s D.

The third factor in MSU going 12-0 is that there schedule is lack luster.  I can count 7 certain victories. The only 5 teams that seem to be anywhere from decent to great on the schedule are Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, and Penn State (in no particular order), these teams are the ones that have talent that I think can let them have a good run. 

Michigan I think is going to have a 7-5 season with Rod get he’s team closer to where he wants it but still trying to find an identity. Illinois has QB Juice Williams who is going to make miracles happen to try to recapture the glory of the 07 season.  Northwestern is kind of a wild card in my book, the team has the experience but I don’t know if they have the talent to have a good season.  Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, the team that did so much for just a 9-4 record, hawk eyes have an amazing defense but without Shonn Grenne their offense might just fall flat on their face.  Penn State is the best team in the conference in my book, with returning QB Darrel Clark and defense strong as ever they are going to be hard to bet.  Lucky for state it is a home game.

A far number of you are thinking why Notre Dame is not on this list is that I know that Charlie Weis is going to disappoint and Notre is going to not meet expectations. 

So all in all MSU has the best chance this year for an amazing record but realistically it probably is going to be 10-2  due to Penn State and Iowa having top teams in the nation.

PS: if you look at the schedule you notice that MSU isn’t playing Indiana and Ohio State.  This is a good think and a bad think for Big Ten fans. I think Indiana is going to roll over and die again this season just like the 08 season but I would like to see how MSU’s two quarterback offensive would matchup against a premier team like OSU