Stephen Curry Talks Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson and Warriors' Offseason

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2014

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors plan on going places next season.

But they have an offseason to work through first.

Speaking with Bleacher Report in promotion of the BOOMco. Blaster Challenge he and Rudy Gay will be participating in, the All-Star point guard offered his thoughts on a number of different fronts, including Klay Thompson, newly instated head coach Steve Kerr,  his offseason goals and what his all-time starting five would look like. 


Bleacher Report: How would you say your relationship with new head coach Steve Kerr is progressing?

SC: It's progressing well. He's done a great job with trying to reach out to each player on the team to figure out what our role is going to be. And he's prepared. He's done his homework on every single possible situation he's going to run into in his first year. He has a great coaching staff, so [we're] just excited. We're looking forward to next year, getting back to training camp and seeing what happens. 


B/R: What did you think of the Shaun Livingston acquisition?

SC: It was a big move for us. He's a versatile guy who can back me and Klay up at either position, and we can both play with him. 

He's a guy with an unorthodox game for the point guard position. He likes to post up and use his height advantage to get his space and get to where he wants to go on the floor. 


B/R: Do you see him making your job on the court any easier? If so, how? 

SC: Having that solid backup option, hopefully I can play less minutes and be more effective, and hopefully be fresh once the playoffs come around. Most of that wear and tear won't happen when you have such a powerful [weapon] off the bench. 


B/R: You and Andre Iguodala have been open in your support of Klay Thompson. Why do you feel it's so important to keep him around with the team long term?

SC: He's a guy that hasn't even scratched the surface of his full potential yet. Just thinking about how much he makes me better as a player, and I try to make him better. He's a great shooter and he plays at both ends of the floor.  


B/R: Being on the outside looking in at free agency, as a guy who's under contract and whose team has been linked to some rumors, how do you view the offseason, free agency and all the player movement? Does it impact your thinking or affect you at all?

SC: Knowing the lay of the land and what goes where and what to expect with what teams are doing—you have to know what's going on. 

But there's stuff you can't control, and I think it's kind of hard to keep up with everything, with all the movement. Especially once LeBron made his decision and how quickly guys started signing deals and flipping teams. 

But you have to understand what's going on—especially in the Western Conference—who's trying to get better, who's making what moves. And as a team, we're right where we need to be going into next year. 


B/R: One of the biggest criticisms of the team last year was its second unit. What are you expecting and hoping to see from them next season?

SC: Well we started with Shaun Livingston. We still have Draymond, Harrison, who may be starting, and Ezeli coming back. Guys getting healthy will help. 

I think knowing that we did a little bit to boost that lineup and that threat, we'll be fine. That was a big-time deal for us last year. Starters had to play a lot of minutes. We played well, so we just have to figure out how to incorporate those guys and get a little bit better. 


B/R: Have you yourself focused on adding anything in particular to your game this offseason?

SC: Turnovers were a big deal last year. [I'll] try to limit those and get a little bit better at the point guard position. But for the most part, it's just about working on my strengths and trying to get a little bit better at them. 

My job as the point guard is to get my teammates going, get them open shots and run the offense, and more so running Coach Kerr's style of play. That's the adjustment going into next year.


B/R: Everyone talks about your superior shooting, but you do a lot of other things on the court as well. What would you say at this point in your career is the most overlooked aspect of your game?

SC: Probably passing. Passing or ball-handling. As a point guard, you have to be able to do both at a high level. A lot of people didn't think I was athletic enough to play in the league, didn't pass enough and what have you. I just have to be consistent with my ball-handling and find a way to get to where I want to go on the floor. 

Now that people respect the shooting, I'm able to distribute the ball all the time and on-target to guys who are open and make the right play. That's kind of how I've evolved my game. 


B/R: Going up against all these different defenders—and you see a lot as the point guard—who would you say is the most difficult opposing player to score on?

SC: The year before last year it was my now-teammate Andre Iguodala. But Tony Allen is a guy that, anytime he matches up with you, he's a tough defender. And he's relentless. That's a guy in the Western Conference you have to watch out for.


B/R: If you had to build an all-time starting five, using any NBA player throughout history, who would be in your lineup?

SC: Magic Johnson, LeBron, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and Shaq.


B/R: I was taking a look at the BOOMco. Blaster Challenge and it seems like pretty interesting, unique stuff. What's been your favorite part about it to this point, and what's made it so unique?


Stephen Curry: Teaming up with Team Rudy and Team Steph; we've had a lot of fun with that. I got the new blasters in my hand and was having a blast from the first time we were firing at the targets.

That's what it's really all about: having fun, being able to compete. It's what I do for a living, competing on the court, so taking that competitive edge to the targets and having fun challenging Team Rudy at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards.

It's going to be a lot of fun to see who wins, and kind of how you can take that for kids all around to have fun with their friends, compete against each other and try to get those bragging rights. 


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