Heel Or Face: Shawn Michaels

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2009

This a new series I am starting that is called Heel or Face. I will pick a superstar everyday and go through their career as a Heel and a Face and you will decide if they were a better Heel or Face.

Today, I start with Shawn Michaels a man that has been on both sides of the spectrum and been Champion on both sides of the spectrum.

Shawn Michaels has been in the business for almost 25 years and has made a name for himself as that why he is dubbed "Mr. WrestleMania, "The Main Event," and "The Headliner".

HBK started his career as everyone does, a jobber, he was very good at what he did and got a lot of respect early in his career. Shawn has worked back and forth as being a Heel and a Face through out his old career.

After having a few years under his belt he got his name established and became a premier star in pro wrestling.

Shawn wrestled with Marty Jannetty as "The Midnight Rockers;" they wrestled in the AWA and WWE as they team grew as the fan base for the tag team.

In 1989 the "Midnight Rockers" became one of the top teams in the wrestling business and Shawn was shinning out of the two and showed it in the ring.

Michaels and Jannetty teamed for six years but in 1991, Shawn took the step from face to heel as he turned his back on Jannetty on a episode of the Barber Shop.

This was one of the most shocking turns in WWE and wrestling history and changed the persona of Shawn Michaels and became "The Boy Toy."

Michaels Turns on Jannetty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFy7Z75I-KQ

"The Boy Toy" Shawn Michaels was becoming one of the top heels in the business at the time with the cockiness and even from "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig adopted the name "Heart Break Kid" (HBK) and would become one of the most athletic superstars in the business at the time.

Shawn would got a shot at Bret Hart and the Intercontinental Championship but would lose in the first-ever Ladder Match.

Michaels would win the Intercontinental Championship from the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith on a November edition of Saturday Night's Main Event.

Shawn would get a title shot for the WWE Championship at the 1992 Survivor Series but would lose to Hart.

Hart was a main event wrestler and it showed as he would get involved in high profile matches after his WWE Championship lose to Bret Hart.

Shawn would start a feud with Marty Jannetty as they would have that classic match on Raw in 1993, Shawn lose the title but would win it back thanks to Kevin Nash as he made his debut as Michaels' bodyguard.

Michaels would have to give up the Intercontinental Championship and let the title become vacant were Razor Ramon would in the title and would set up a rivalry between the two, as Shawn would face Razor Ramon from the match that stole the show and started the legacy of Mr. WrestleMania. Shawn would lose that match and then end the rivalry at SummerSlam in the rematch that Razor won also.

The match was Match of the Year and named a five-star match that year.

WrestleMania X Michaels v Ramon Ladder Match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA5k1QwwF7M

Shawn would win the Tag Team Championship with Diesel but would cost him the  Intercontinental Championship that would ignite a feud between the two.

Michaels won the 1995 Royal Rumble by throwing out Davey Boy Smith.

Michaels wins the Royal Rumble in 1995: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4tZz8qUPDA 

The rivalry ended at WrestleMania 12, where Diesel the WWE Champion would retain.

Michaels came back as a fan favorite in 1995 and would win his third Intercontinental Championship beating Jeff Jarrett.

Shawn was on his way until the Syracuse incident were he suffered a concussion and worked into a angle were he collapsed in the middle of the ring against Owen Hart.

Shawn Michaels would come back and win the 1996 Royal Rumble and would go on to face Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12.

Shawn wins 1996 Royal Rumble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSZg2SxZq9Y

Shawn would go on to face Bret Hart in a Ironman match where he would win in sudden death rules to get the only pinfall in the match and at that moment.

"The boy hood dream has come true" - Vince McMahon.

Shawn wins the WWE Championship; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBo2gCi8nJM

Shawn Michaels was the WWE Champion and was on top of the world and would stay the man all through 1996 until he lost the title at the Survivor Series.

But he would regain it in his hometown at the 1997 Royal Rumble against the man he lost it to: his former bodyguard, Sycho Sid.

Shawn wins Championship at 1997 Royal Rumble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG1JdgM6ZtM

Shawn was injured again and would have to vacate the title and on a dubbed Thursday Raw Thursday he would make the famous "I lost my smile" speech.

Shawn "Loses his smile" speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alg6RIDNdgY

Michaels came back that summer and would win Tag Team gold with Stone Cold and would end up turning heel after being the ref in Undertaker vs. Bret Hart match were he called it right down the line, even with Hart spitting on him.

Shawn got mad at the fact the fans turned on him when they think he turned on Taker. Shawn Michaels would turn heel again and would let the people know what was on his mind.

Shawn turns heel 1997: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTYucFom1Us

Shawn Michaels heel turn was big but the fans still cheered for the man they look to when they need a hero as he would form one of the biggest groups in history....Degeneration X.

DX Formation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFzL6to_E6Q

Shawn and Triple H would hold the company on its feet with the group as he would beat everyone and become the first Grand Slam Champion.

Shawn becomes first Grand Slam Champion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO8CRYea7nQ

Shawn as always in the middle of everything but he would be the center once again against Bret Hart at Survivor Series in Bret's hometown. Shawn would in a real life double cross that was bigger in wrestling, Shawn would walk away as the WWE Champion.

Survivor Series 1997 Hart vs. Michaels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxSSgYxyApM

Shawn would go on to the Royal Rumble against Undertaker and win but would injure his back and would get to WrestleMania to face Stone Cold, losing the title to him in the main event.

Stone Cold beats Michaels WrestleMania 14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2M4VM-LTS8

Shawn's career seem to be over, HBK was on his way out the door as Stone Cold had taken the torch and ran with it. Michaels came back as commissioner in 1998 and as a heel at the time.

Michaels the new commissioner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxiqpjY9Eyg

Michaels turned face again and re-joined DX but not as a wrestler. Shawn would get fired and then pass the torch to Mick Foley.

He would ref The Rock and Triple H at SmackDown. Shawn would stay off television for a while and would make his return.

Shawn Michaels came back in all his glory, Shawn was on a mission to prove that he still had it and it would be against his great friend (but not at the time) Triple H.

It was SummerSlam were Shawn proved after four years absent would come back as first a member of the nWo and then would help Triple H choose Raw, but it was Triple H that would attack Shawn and start a rivalry like no other.

Shawn returns at SummerSlam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyTmVuOSgic

Shawn would face Triple H in a series of matches including winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series in a Elimination Chamber match and would be the top guy once again.

Shawn wins World Heavyweight Championship: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLz8hok3CpI

Shawn was the man once again and he would be the man up until December when Triple H won back his title and would feud with Triple H until Royal Rumble.

Shawn still had it and someone that had grew up to him would be one of his best matches at WrestleMania 19. These two put on a clinic and a wrestlers dream and stole the show the only way he knew how.

HBK vs. Jericho at WrestleMania 19: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orbfO00oWD4

Shawn would go back to the ongoing feud with Triple H in 2003 and it would all come together in a match won by Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit.

Shawn and Triple H would go at it in a Hell in the Cell at Bad Blood and would be a classic match that Triple H would win, but again HBK did what he did best and that was steal the show.

HBK vs HHH Promo Bad Blood 2004: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap6jo9v3UcA

HBK would come back at the Royal Rumble 2005 and eliminate Kurt Angle that would ignite a match at WrestleMania 21 that would become Match of the Year and one of my favorite matches.

The Rockers teamed up during that time in a reunion match and Sherri would get involved in the storyline also. Angle won, but HBK did it again.

HBK v Angle WrestleMania 21: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn3HgdyJiag (Promo) and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKNx78KvDaw (Match Highlights)

Shawn would feud with Hassan and Daviari that would set up a plea to Hulk Hogan to come back and be his partner in where it would last and go strong all the way until July 4, 2005 where Shawn would turn heel for that month that was built up for Hogan/Michaels. Hogan would win that match, but HBK to me was the real winner.

During his feud with Hogan he would taunt Bret Hart returning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7DOcHRgQMo

Shawn would fight Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 22 in a redemption match for Shawn to get back at Vince and would send him straight to hell. HBK winning that match would be an understatement, he whooped McMahon's ass.

Shawn would go on and wrestle the McMahons and it would end up forcing DX get to get back together in one of my favorite moments of mine.

They would face the McMahons and would beat them until Rated RKO came into the picture and the rivalry would come to a halt when Triple H hurt his knee. That would be a blessing for HBK because he would headline WrestleMania 23 against John Cena.

HBK vs Cena WrestleMania 23: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBAlrI_AaNc

Cena would win in one hell of a match, but HBK did what many say he couldn't like he did years ago but proved the world wrong.

Michaels would get in a feud with Randy Orton and at Judgment Day he would punted in the head and would take time off until he returned in October, as he would be in the main event title picture once again getting back at Randy Orton.

HBK returns 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zRwg86fbJE

Shawn would come back stronger than ever as he would go into 2008 with something big coming his way. Ric Flair was being put into the Hall of Fame and Shawn Michaels was the one that made the announcement.

Flair next match that he would lose would be his last, and at WrestleMania 24 HBK retired the greatest to ever grace a ring and putting his stamp into going into the Hall of Fame one day.

HBK would feud with Batista and Chris Jericho and Jericho and him would have classic matches throughout the whole year.

Shawn would turn heel some what with being hired by JBL but that would end at No Way Out and HBK would set himself for WrestleMania 25 against Undertaker.

Undertaker and HBK would have a 45-minute match with Taker coming out on top. It was one of the greatest losses in wrestling history.

Taker/HBK WrestleMania 25: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJF9t82Mpb8

It is greatly noted that Shawn Michaels has been a great Heel and Face and has had moments to remember him by.

Shawn is the one of not the greatest ever to grace a ring and this to me will be hard because I like to cheer for him and like to see him as a heel.

B/R Wrestling Community: Heel or Face, When did he have his better promos, matches and overall better as a Heel or Face.


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