T.O. Swagger: It's Just What The Doctor Ordered

Michael McMastersCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2009

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 30:  Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Terrell Owens arrives for the Maxim Magazine Super Bowl XLIII party at The Ritz Ybor on January 30, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

Okay Bills fans, there is just one thing to do.  Be prepared.  What for you ask?  Well the 2009 Buffalo Bills is going to be a lot different than the Buffalo Bills of old.  Why do you say that?  Well not sure if anybody has told you, but there’s a new swagger in town.

It’s called T.O.

Yes, that’s right, the “me” player you’ve all been waiting for has finally entered the building.  The Bills haven’t had a “me” player of this level since the early 90s. 

A group of well known doctors are prescribing T.O to cure a malignant tumor that already exists in the Bills locker room: LOSING.

T.O. may work for you if you are a consistent 7-9 team trying to get past a playoff slump.

T.O. may work for you if you are a young team looking for veteran leadership.

T.O. may work for you if your star receiver is constantly double and triple covered on a weekly basis.

T.O. may work for you if you are struggling to find the end-zone.

T.O. may work for you if there is no voice in the locker room to push you to the limit.

Side affects of T.O. may include but is not limited to; excessive touchdown celebrations, in your face competitiveness, media circus, pressure, ticket sales and WINNING.

Please do not take T.O. if you can’t handle pressure, do not prefer a competitive edge, already have a leader in the locker room, or can’t lead period.  

See San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas.

Like all modern day medicine, it may work for you and it may not.  In Buffalo’s case they’ve got nothing to lose.