Definition of a "Groupie"

Lizz Robbins@Lizzs_LockeroomContributor IJuly 6, 2009

According to Webster’s the definition of a groupie is: an admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible, or a fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours.

This definition, like the term “hater,” gets misused frequently. People have taken the word “groupie” and turned it into a curse word.

There are all types of groupies: politicians can have "groupies," professional bowlers can have groupies. When people think of the word, they automatically think athletes, entertainers, etc.

I’m getting so tired of hearing the term used loosely. I follow my teams, I’m a fan, does that make me a “groupie?” No, that makes me a “fan.” To me, a groupie gets an “ROI” (return on investment). Whether it’s becoming famous or marrying the athlete or entertainer they are going after.

There are some famous groupies who did just that—we all know who they are. The keyword here is famous. If you are sleeping with these people for name recognition, you are just getting 6-10 minutes of a faux love.

Do I agree with people sleeping around for name recognition? Not at all, being in the business, sure I’ve had opportunities, but wasn’t in to carrying around knee pads and not being able to look into the mirror.

I hear the term so much from individuals who are trying to make it that haven't gone platinum or had a certified professional ball in their hands. If that’s the case, the Fed Ex man can have groupies and put a whole new meaning to “Overnight Delivery”.

Just because you have a certain name, doesn’t always mean people are sleeping with you because of that; they could actually be attracted to you. However, when I see certain celebrities who will remain nameless, with three or four attractive people on his or her arm, it does make you wonder.

Also, when you hear the term groupie, people automatically attribute it to a woman. Men are also groupies, I would say Robert DeNiro in the movie The Fan was a groupie, who just took it to another level. If you go to Cheesecake Factory at least twice a week, no matter where you are, does that make you a Cheesecake Factory groupie?

Do people, places and things have “groupies?” Absolutely. But just because you see someone (male or female) around a “known” person, doesn’t make him or her a groupie. There could be actually supporting his or her work.

Before you start labeling people, take a step back and look at yourself.