The F.I.A and Dirty Dealings!

PaulSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2009

Does it ever end? Well, it seems as though, when it comes to trouble and Max Mosely, it never ends! The latest trouble in F1 is from the teams who had their bids to be an F1 team for next year's Championship rejected. They have claimed that there was a little twist to any applications being accepted.

The stipulation was regarding the engines that were to be used for the campaign. They had to be bought from Cosworth. Failing to do so would mean that their applications would not even be considered.

So the ultimatum was, use Cosworth engines. No other engine would be considered.

Two of the teams left out in the cold were marquee brands Lotus and Aston Martin. Two companies that have a rich heritage in racing, yet they were told, if you want to be in F1, you cannot buy any other engine or build your own.

In other words we dont want the best teams, we want teams that will do as we tell them. Of course the three teams Manor GP, USF1 and Campos that did get a slot in the Championship, all are signed and sealed with Cosworth.

Clearly that have some dirty dealings. There is a clear intent in this spec engine agenda and that is to break FOTA and their strength. What better way that to introduce a force spec engine and have teams that will do Bernie's bidding.

This, however, is not the end by a long way, some of the rejected teams are upset to say the least. Comments are coming thick and fast, one said.

"We were told that if we wanted to take up the 2010 grid slot we would have to sign a three-year engine contract with Cosworth," one team boss told The Daily Telegraph.

While another sent a letter to the newspaper, in which he claimed he  "had a real possibility of obtaining a Renault, Mercedes or Ferrari engine. It was made very clear to me that it was considered a 'mandatory' condition from the powers-that-be that Cosworth was the engine supplier."

While another boss stated third that the three new teams had been "hand-picked for political, rather than sport criteria."

Of course, Cosworth are denying that had anything to do with the forced agreements on the applications and stated "in no way, shape or form requested that the FIA make demands on its behalf of potential entries to the Formula One World Championship."

An FIA spokesman confirmed the allegations and stated  "the whole grid would be at the mercy of the car industry and no new team would be able to enter without their permission."

Well this is far from over and not only will FOTA have more to say about this in the coming weeks. The chances are now every high that the FIA decision to impose a forced engine supplier, will be challenged in court. The reason, they did not have the legal right to change the the entry requirements, without it being agree by the present F1 teams.

This another perfect illustration of the "Dirty Dealing" by Max and Bernie.