Creature vs. Creature NASCAR Writers Pool: Results After Daytona

Ben BombergerSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2009

When the fireworks cleared on the track Saturday night, Tony Stewart was left standing in Victory Lane for the third time in the past five July races in Daytona.

Two of our writers (Ben Bomberger and James Broomhead) correctly picked Stewart to take home the win, giving each their first win of the season.

Here is a look at each writers' pick from Daytona last weekend, where they finished, and the updated point standings (wins are in parenthesis):

Ben Bomberger, (2614) Tony Stewart won. (1)

Kelly Crandall, (2464) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 39th. (1)

M.J. Buchanan, (2459) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 39th. (0)

Adam Heasley, (2433) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 39th. (2)

S.M. Napier, (2360) Kevin Harvick finished 26th. (2)

David Phillips, (2005) Ryan Newman finished 20th. (1)

James Broomhead, (1051) Tony Stewart won. (1)

Kara Martin, (963) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 39th. (1)

Mason Dunn, (917) Elliot Sadler finished 10th. (0)

Rob Tiongson, (888) Kyle Busch finished 14th. (1)

Danielle Henderson, (831) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 39th. (0)

Kyle Ocker, (748) Ryan Newman finished 20th. (0)

Jen Preston, (718) Clint Bowyer finished 33rd. (0)

Remember, during the regular season, our writers are trying to collect as many wins as possible.

After Richmond, points will be reset with each writer receiving 10 points for correctly picking a winner during the season.

For the final 10 races, the points will matter, and a Creature vs. Creature Champion will be crowned following the season finale in Homestead.

Check back on Friday for this weekend's picks.