Shane Bond May Be Answer To Improve Black Caps Team Performances

nikki morganCorrespondent IApril 11, 2017

What is it about performing as a team that New Zealand cricketers do not understand? 

Cricket is supposed to be a team sport, so why do the Black Caps try to win games through individual performances? Examples of this happened throughout the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup against South Africa in the group stages, Brendon McCullum was the only stand out performer causing a run out and scoring 57 runs from 54 balls in their 2 run loss.

However in their next match against Ireland, they performed superbly as a team which led to a win, although Ireland are a push over team.

In the Super Eights round against Pakistan, the Black Caps playing shockingly with Scott Styris high scoring with only 22 runs and Daniel Vettori snatching 2 wickets in a 6 wicket defeat.

And again against Sri Lanka, the only highlight was Martin Guptill's 43 runs to lose the match by 48 runs.

If New Zealand continues to play like individuals we will never win against the top ranked teams. Winning the Chappell- Hadlee trophy against Australia in 2007 shows how competative New Zealand can be.

Lately all that has been happening is that if the Black Caps get a good score off the pitch then their bowling usually lacks, or vice versa. At the moment, unless we are playing an easy beat team our batting and bowling don't usually connect into one spectacular performance. 

A highlight for New Zealand cricket this season will be the State Otago Volts competing in the inaugural edition of the Champions League Twenty20 that will be held in India in October this year involving 12 teams, (3 teams from India, 2 domestic Twenty20 teams from Australia, South Africa and England and the domestic champions from New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka).

This is a huge achievement for Otago Cricket, and a great opportunity to make it into this competition and a lot of preparation will be taking place to make sure all players are prepared. Brendon McCullum, Craig Cumming, Aaron Redmond and Dimitri Mascarenhas just a few of Otago's stand out players.

One thing that will surely boost the morale of New Zealand is the inclusion of Shane Bond in the New Zeland cricketing contract for the 09/10 season. Before Bond took up a contract with the ICL, New Zealand had a lot more solid performances with the bowlers and batters both getting remarkable results.

Shane Bond has such a good wicket result, generating fast speed and accuracy, he's especially tormenting to Australia. If Bond can carry on in the Black Caps where he left off, New Zealand will be much more consistent in playing as a team, being more competative and improve their winning record.

Currently the Black Caps are ranked 8th from 9 teams in Test Cricket, 4th from 12 teams in ODIs and 8th from 15 teams in Twenty20 cricket. New Zealand is far better than these rankings suggest so maybe Shane Bond will be the answer to New Zealand cricket to strike up more of a team unity on the field, in this 09/10 season.