Race Or Ignorance? Why More Black NFL Players Get Arrested.

Tom LaPineCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

I'm so sick of fans and the media crying racism in sports. And racism in our communities. Could it be young males making bad decisions?

I could interject my opinions. Instead, I chose to write down some numbers. Factual numbers, not opinion based. 

Interpret them as you wish.

USA population - 80% White, 14% Hispanic, 13 % Black
State prisoners - 28% White, 20% Hispanic, 44% Black
NFL players - 29% White, 1% Other, 70% Black

With 70% black players in the NFL there are bound to be more run ins with the law. Heck, I live 55 miles NE of Cincinnati, so I know how many Bengals have been busted. I've often thought that had the same player committed the same offense in Green Bay it would be treated differently. For one reason, that Green Bay cop would be arresting his employee since the team is community owned.

Are the Bengals players being profiled? Maybe, but they are being ignorant too. An American citizen should be allowed to travel anywhere they please. However, a young black male driving a pimped out Escalade in the Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati is gonna attract attention. The police are going to focus in on that vehicle as being a drug dealer or a Bengal. There just aren't many blacks that can afford that vehicle in Over the Rhine.

Is that correct? Is it proper? No....but is it true? You better believe it.

MLB has 59% White, 8% Black, 29% Hispanic. I never hear much out of the Reds being arrested in the same city as the Bengals.