Should Athletes Be Role Models: WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

"Big-name athletes face tough choices beyond selecting an agent and determining what contractual terms to negotiate from the teams they play for. There are numerous products, charities and organizations requesting their time and use of their names. Crazy fans ask for their autographs at all times of day or night, and a star athlete can find his or her Twitter followers doubling by the hour. Plus, sports prowess can bring celebrity, and with it celebrity relationships"- Bing

I'll stop you right their. The title of this article was "Should Athletes Be Role Models?"

What idiot wrote that? I mean seriously. A-Rod was that you? Charles Barkley?(haha good reference Matt) Anyway back to my point.

YES ATHLETES SHOULD BE ROLE MODELS! Are you stupid? Millions of kids look up to these players and say "Man imma be just like him when I grow up!" Does that constitute that you can't have fun? No it constitutes that you can't cheat, be vulgar, or anything in the public eye!

Now in your own home I don't care. Curse like a sailor. Get wasted. Smoke crack. Doesn't bother me if it isn't in the publics eye. That brings me to my other point.

 Journalists suck. Who was it that leaked out  A-Rods steroid use oh ya Selena Roberts. The women who got the Duke Scandel started. The most hated woman in America in my book. (sorry Lindsay you are a close second.)

The reason I hate her is because this was a CONFIDENTIAL list of 104 people who tested positive in 2003. She somehow got the records.(Selig you didn't..) Then bam she leaked it. I mean if she just found out ok. THe writing about it is what makes me mad!

I have no doubt she was involved in leaking out Sammy Sosa's name from the CONFIDENTIAL list of 104 (now down to 102). It sickens me how journalists claim Athletes are horrible role models. It just isn't true. Ya A-Rod got some chicks. Every multi millionare does!

You don't see journalists outside of Bill Gates home waiting for him to have a friend that is a girl to come home. Athelets can be and are good role models. Jornalits just need to cut out.