Mark Henry: Good Guy or Tweener?

chipper smithCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

Mark Henry is known as the world's strongest man. That I do believe. He proved that on Monday Night Raw.

Batista was the GM for the night and he used his limitless power to set Randy Orton up in a 3-1 Gauntlet Match.

His first opponent was high flyer Evan Bourne. This young man didn't do too badly for himself. Evan didn't win the match but he showed that there could be a day when he does beat Orton.

The fans showed their support. Orton took the match and was ready for the second. Much to his surprise, Orton saw the "All-American American" Jack Swagger come down the ramp.

Now was the fans' turn to be surprised. Swagger entered the ring and then went back out and stood on the apron, letting the ref count him out.

After the count, he did however go over to Randy, shook his hand and said he wanted to make a good impression on his first night on Raw.

He also made the statement that he liked and respected Randy. Guess the champion was relieved after that one.

Orton's last opponent was none other than Mark Henry, the world's strongest man. Randy got the same message from Henry as he did from Swagger. Mark got out of the ring as Swagger did and the ref started the count.

Orton was smiling figuring he won this one too. In the middle of the count, Mark stopped him and said no no with his finger in the air.

He did get back in the ring and showed Randy who was the boss.

I understand that Orton was in three big matches the night before, but he didn't know what hit him when Henry took him down a few pegs and Randy came toppling down off of his throne.

Mark got on the ropes and raised his hands in victory and Batista came out and stood at the ramp, smiling. Henry smiled back and gave Batista the thumbs up.

So the question is, Did Mark Henry turn good or is he now a tweener? We shall find out on Raw this week.