Who Pays $6.50 for a Beer?

Ryan AyarsCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

I've had the honor of being able to go to home games in Denver since 2003.  Let me say, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the Orange and Blue "open up a can" on visiting teams. 

However, I have a bone to pick with Mr. Bowlen and Investco Field's pricing atrocities.

I've never been much for buying food during a football game, but I am a huge fan of sipping on some suds while screaming at the "refs". 

Lately, I've had to boycott my favorite drink of choice, because of principles.

The beer at Investco Field used to only cost $4.50 for a 16 oz cup, which was a super deal!  This was especially great when the Broncos were winning, courtesy of my second favorite quarterback in Broncos history: Jake "The Snake" Plummer. 

The last two to three years the Broncos have been sub-par.  9-7. 8-8. these are not good records. 

It's especially demoralizing to see them lose at home when they used to be such a dominant force at the Mile High city.

So, what has Mr. Bowlen done to increase the watching "enjoyment" of his sub-par franchise at home?  He raised the price of the most popular beverage of all time: BEER! 

Beers are now $6.50 at Investco.  Not to mention I believe that the beers are smaller than they used to be. 

Don't give me all of this junk about football "being a business" or "it's a recession, everybody has to tighten their belts."  The Bronco's brass should be thanking its fan base for showing up through the bad times. 

Here's my suggestion.  If the Broncos win the Super Bowl or even have a winning season for once, then you can raise prices.  If the Broncos have a season like they did last year, then prices should be lowered.

Think of it this way. If I owned a Subway sandwich business and my sandwiches only tasted good 50 percent of the time, would this be considered a successfully business? 

Then, even though my good friends were loyal customers and kept coming back, would it be considered "good business" to raise the prices of my sandwiches? NO! So why is this acceptable at Investco?

I want a little more corporate responsibility from the Broncos franchise.  They should be taking better care of it's fans rather than price gouging them.

I will not buy a beer with my own money at Investco Field until the prices go down. 

Go Broncos!