Florentino Perez Wants Super League, What A Circus Act That Would Be!

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - JUNE 30:  New Real Madrid signing Kaka (L) is embraced by club President Florentino Perez during his official presentation as a Real Madrid player at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on June 30, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Above: Perez gets all warm and fuzzy with Kaka, his new toy.

Real Madrid president and football killer (joke) Florentino Perez has called for all the world's wealthiest clubs to form a Super League.

Who is this guy kidding, so he wants his back garden to become a playground for Real Madrid so he can show off his two new acquisitions, Kaka and Ronaldo.

Perez calls for the Super League to run alongside the Uefa leagues and national domestic leagues and national domestic cups and the World Cup and the European Cup and the Confederations Cup.

Who is this guy really kidding? These footballers are human and not bloody machines so you can not expect a player to play in the World Cup, Confederations Cup, all domestic cups, their respected domestic league, the Champions League and another bloody league can you?

More Prize Money for the top richest teams meaning no one is ever going to really compete unless they are taken over by mega rich new owners.

More Fatigue and Extra Burden on already stretched athletes, these footballers are pushing themselves as far a any other sportsman or woman.

"The 62-year-old is keen for Europe's elite to regularly play each other, something he does not believes happens enough in the UEFA Champions League."

I'll tell you what Mr Perez, how about we put your 62-year-old backside through the paces of an English Premier League club that is in the Champions League and see how you fare.

Supporters—and I mean the real supporters—how on earth are they to pay to support their club in this financial climate, or is this an idea purely to put on a show for corporate business and the rich and famous who have the type of money and if so who loses out for this showboating circus act?

I'll tell you who suffers, the footballers suffer, and the real fans suffer, I say so stuff your Super League Mr Florentino Perez and stuff your circus act Real Madrid too.

We like our football as it is so stick to playing with your fantasy galactico football team and leave the real football to real football clubs.

I am a Manchester City FC fan, one of the richest clubs in the world and I shun the idea of this stupid Super League, I am against giving the richest clubs a free meal ticket, free money just because they are one of the most wealthiest of clubs.

What do you think of the stupid Super League?