UFC 100: Who the Hell Is Marketing It?

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UFC 100: Who the Hell Is Marketing It?
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What? Next Saturday? 100th event?

Lesnar vs. Mir? Henderson vs. Bisping? GSP vs. Alves?

How did I not hear about this?

The answer: It's because I live in the United Kingdom.


A UFC event never catches my interest until the week proceeding to the event, when all the big press conferences and weigh ins are held.

But I only know about this because I am a UFC fan, and I visit UFC and MMA websites regularly.

I don't know if the same applies in the United States, but UFC never seems to build up any hype this side of the Atlantic.

When WWE has a big event, like WrestleMania, it is advertised on Sky Sports.

Yes, I know they are the ones exclusively showing it, but at least it's being advertised.

Setanta, which used to air all UFC pay-per-views, is now bankrupt. And it wasn't even a popular channel, or free.

But the thing that shocks me the most is how they are not taking advantage of Michael Bisping.

He is British, right?

Just look at the hype any big Ricky Hatton fight gets here in the United Kingdom.

This should be the perfect way to introduce new audiences in Britain to the world of MMA.

As for the main event, everyone that has even the smallest of interests in MMA or Pro Wrestling is likely to know who Brock Lesnar is. What a massive draw he is worldwide.

He's big in Japan after doing many wrestling matches there. I hope their taking advantage of that opportunity.

And after nearly 400,000 people watch The Ultimate Fighter: Team UK vs Team USA, you would expect all of those people to want to see the two coaches battle it out!

Good news: UFC 100 will now be aired on Virgin 1, the same channel that aired TUF. It is available to most people in the UK now.

It will be interesting to see if Dana White can create some hype over here, because it only needs a bit of mainstream recognition to launch itself even higher in an ever-growing worldwide fanbase.

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