Daytona: Has It Become Winning At Any Cost?

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Daytona: Has It Become Winning At Any Cost?
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

The cost on Kyle Busch could of been big tonight at Daytona, he was hit three times, each one, I'll be honest with you, scared the living hell out of me.

He could of seriously gotten hurt or worse.

Did Tony Stewart jacked him? could of Tony pulled up and take a second ? after all he is in the chase, and there is very little chance of him not making it. Agree?

Kyle Busch refused to talk to the TNT, so we don't know what he's thinking, one thing for sure, if I were Tony, in front of Kyle is not where I want to be next week.

Right or wrong, I would again bet my trusted dog, there will be retaliation sooner rather than later.

Tony sounded very apologetic on the post race interview, and that's fine, but I would be surprised if Kyle Busch will just let this go as a racing accident.

Those three hits rattle his cage pretty good, that had to hurt.

After watching the replay, It left me with a few questions, is there a chance Kyle's car was just a runaway? it looked like it was jumping around.

It was a really hard turn to the top, maybe it had a flat? it was just a weird move,  I think the car was already loose and on it's way to the wall.

Tony just helped it to get there faster.

It could of happened, everything went down so fast, maybe we missed it?

If that was not he case, could of Tony Stewart pull up and avoid all this?

I let the experts decide that.

As a fan with an opinion, I think he could of lifted off the throttle and still get a second or third place, it would of not made one red cent difference on his cup standings.

But as we all know it is about winning.

At what cost? I don't know, I can only guess.

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