Canadiens-Flyers: Habs Must Win Three To Avoid 'Fore!'

Tony DeSantisCorrespondent IMay 3, 2008

With their backs against the wall, the Montreal Canadiens will look to one another to raise the bar tonight instead of hitting it.

After falling behind 3-1 in their series against the Flyers, the Habs have to rally and win the next three games if they want to stay in the hunt for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Frustrated by their lack of scoring and the stonewalling of another hot French- Canadian goalie, the Canadiens have to find new ways to put the puck in the net, hopefully early in the game.

Coach Guy Carbonneau has decided to go back to the lineup that proved victorious in Game 7 against Boston. After giving backup goalie Jaroslav Halak the nod for Game Four, Carbonneau has decided to go back to Carey Price for tonight's start.

Price will try and duplicate the performance of New York's Henrik Lundqvist, who helped his Rangers bounce back from the brink of elimination.

When asked about the importance of tonight's game, Price responded with, "I think we all need to play our best, or else we'll be playing golf".

Alex Kovalev, who has been kept off the score sheet since the first game of this series, hopes to rekindle the magic with his old linemates and kick-start a power play that's been crippled since the playoffs began.

Kovalev and the rest of the Habs' offense now realize that the time for pretty plays is over. They have to crowd Martin Biron's net and jump on rebounds because at the end of the day, a garbage goal is still a goal.

Today, Guy Carbonneau came out of the closet with his lucky tie, which he'll be sporting once again for tonight's crucial game. I wouldn't be surprised if some of his players even stuff rabbit feet, horse shoes or prayer beads down their pants, because they can always use a little help from "Lady Luck."

And although the Philadelphia fans will be hoping for the ghost of Kate Smith to sing the "Swan Song" tonight, the Canadiens will do their damndest to stifle the fat lady.