Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis: What We Learned from Woman's Bantamweight Tilt

Tim McTiernanCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2014

AP Images

On Saturday night at UFC 175, Ronda Rousey faced off against Alexis Davis in the co-main event with the women's bantamweight title on the line.

In just sixteen seconds, Rousey scored a knockout victory. That's insane.

Let's check out what we learned from the fight.


What We'll Remember About This Fight

That Rousey defended her title in sixteen seconds. Like, come on.

She started it with a big right hand, followed it up with a knee, then landed a judo throw into side control with head control. Rousey landed at least eight unanswered shots to Davis, and with that the fight was over.


What We Learned About Rousey

She is insanely scary. A sixteen second win says a lot about Rousey's skill level and she proved that she deserves consideration for top fighter in the world. It also shows that her striking continues to improve and that she will be dangerous for a long time.


What We Learned About Davis

I have no idea. The fight was too brief to really learn anything. Davis hadn't been stopped since 2009, but it was no problem for Rousey. It may take awhile for her to get another title shot, though.


What's Next for Rousey?

Probably a fight on August 2 at UFC 176. Rousey was asked by Joe Rogan in the cage after her fight if she would step up to fight at 176. She said she was scheduled for knee surgery and would have to check with her coaches, but there's no reason that she wouldn't end up taking that fight.


What's Next for Davis?

Maybe a fight with the last person to beat her, Sarah Kaufman. They fought in Strikeforce in 2012 and Kaufman scored a majority decision victory. Kaufman also beat Davis by TKO in Davis' first career fight back in 2007.