WWE: "Money in the Bank" CM Punk? I Want My Money Back!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IMay 3, 2008

When CM Punk first joined WWE, he had all the hype in the world by the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community), mainly for his time spent in ROH (Ring of Honor) and the independent circuit.

He was the rising star, and signing with the WWE would be his big break.

The Straight Edge superstar started off, in 2006, in the land of not-so Extreme anymore, ECW. For the first six months, he would stay undefeated in singles competition.

But his backstage attitude and less-than-stellar performance in the ring was keeping him in the doghouse for a while. Punk was not living up to the hype.

Finally in September of 2007, CM Punk won his first title since signing with the WWE, defeating John Morrison for the ECW Title.

However, this was due to Morrison’s suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. Morrison was one of 11 superstars suspended in September of 2007.

As champion, Punk defended his Title against Elijah Burke, Big Daddy V, The Miz and the returning Morrison.

He kept his title for four months, but he was still not winning over all the fans who had hyped him. It may have been bad booking, or being stuck on the “third rate show” ECW, but it was obvious that CM Punk again was not living up to the hype.

In January of 2008, CM Punk lost the ECW Title to Chavo Guerrero. To his fans, this might have been the news they have been waiting for. Did this mean he would switch to the big shows (RAW or Smackdown)? After feuding with Chavo for the ECW Title, he lost cleanly to the heel.

At Wrestlemania XXIV, CM Punk was one of seven men in the Money in The Bank Ladder match. With favorites like Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy in the mix, it was a shock that the ECW Superstar pulled out the most important victory of his career.

Now with an automatic Title shot anytime, this must mean CM Punk is on the way up….right? It is finally time to show us the CM Punk we’ve heard so much about…right?

Just 24 hours after winning Money in The Bank, CM Punk got pinned by the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho on RAW. In the following weeks, he teased that he might cash in his briefcase for a shot at the ECW Title.  But why?

Then when you thought that the return of The King of the Ring would finally make CM Punk a believable main event superstar, he lost cleanly to William Regal in the finals. Then, he lost to Edge again on Smackdown.

In my opinion, giving CM Punk the Money in The Bank briefcase was a huge mistake, especially with how they’ve been booking him lately. He’s just being buried.

Right now, this Money in The Bank Title shot, given only once a year, seems to be wasted now with Punk on ECW.

What the WWE should do is to turn CM Punk heel and move him to RAW or Smackdown full time. But since he’s a favorite in the younger crowd (kids), and his merchandise has been selling like hotcakes, it seems improbable that the WWE will pull the trigger.

To me, CM Punk is on his way to catching the “John Cena Syndrome”. This vicious disease makes mature fans turn on the Superstars the WWE tries to shove down our throats. Oh the dreaded John Cena Syndrome…superstars beware!

My hope is that the bleeding will stop soon, and CM Punk will lose the briefcase to someone more worthy. Chris Jericho, or Mr. Kennedy, or even Edge! These guys could carry a show. Right now, CM Punk looks like he can barely carry his own briefcase, let alone a show.