Manchester City: Soccer's Most Successful Coach?

derek williamsContributor IMay 3, 2008

After statistically the most successful period for English international soccer with only five competitive games lost during his tenure, the fans howled in protest. Still,  the FA "let Sven go," along with England's best chances for Euro2008 (and beyond?).

After Manchester City's best season in three decades, with plans well on target for following in Lazio's record breaking footsteps, Dr Shinawatra apparently resents the fact that Sven will not share day to day running of the club with him (or anyone!) to sabotage his "master plan."

So, it looks like Thaksin's "pride" comes before MCFC's prospects for the next two seasons and Svennis will once again be free to select one of the many national squads and league clubs he interviewed during his "gap year" (paid for under the previous severance deal).

England & Man City's loss will once again be another team's gain.

Now Manchester City's fans are howling & marching in protest with many giving notice that they will cancel (or not renew) season tickets. A movement is gathering to boycott City's first match next season.

What good will that do? Similar action by official England fan organisations made no difference in 2006.

It's been an "interesting" time for me once again as Sven-Goran's "official" double, with many new PA bookings and one very strange cancellation of my hospitality host/entertainer act by a lower league club with delusions of grandeur and a paranoid fear of what the press may say if "Sven" was seen at their stadium.

What's that all about?

Sven's plan to "do a Lazio" with Man City looks like being derailed by Thaksin Shinawatra's "death wish" for the club, but it's creating another little buzz in the press to speculate which team will be fortunate enough to gain his genius next season?


In the meantime, it looks like MCFC's hope that they would get the chance to re-create my image tagged on this story will be just a dream, but Sven's hunger for trophies and glory can't be deferred indefinitely. to "be" Sven