Building a Bigger and Better Summerslam 2009

anonymous guyCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

First and foremost I would like to direct my attention to a certain WWE announcer known as Good Ol' Jim Ross.

Not too long ago in a blog he said, "Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison are currently recieving a huge push and supposed to be climbing up the ladder of competition in the following weeks." If you ask me, I see them battling for a major title a lot "sooner" than you think.

With that being said I got a little excited about seeing how all of this will come into play until last night on Smackdown when John Morrison talked to Teddy Long. He kindly asked for a World Title shot at CM Punk or Jeff Hardy after Night of Champions, whoever wins.

Then earlier that night, Dolph was seen talking to Maria and he also went over R-Truth in a pretty good match. This past Sunday, he went over The Great Khali in a no-DQ match.

Both of these stars are relieving one heck of a push and I am loving it. But that's not all that's going down folks, as there is just one Superstar that had a bad match last night as well.

Rey Mysterio. Ladies and gentlemen as of now they are currently setting up for a Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio match for the Intercontinental Championship. Now the situation with Morrison doesn't come into play until after Night of Champions.

The Rey and Dolph match doesn't have a definate winner planned out yet, but there are some reports that Maria is going to play some type of role in this whole ordeal. Whether she is still going to be looked at as a face star or heel star is still being discussed.

As for Morrison, his face push seems to be getting ready to make a huge leap in a good way because there are reports backstage saying that he is going to get more mic time, promo time and a huge title match at Summerslam.

Now just by looking at both reports with the J.R. comment, I believe that we're going to be in store for a huge match at Summerslam that will consist of all of these stars and the title.

The way I see it is:

Triple Threat Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio

Who will enter or leave as champ, still remains to be seen at this current point, but Maria is also supposed to play a huge role in that match as well. No folks, not as the special guest referee, but as Dolph's valet. Whether she will help Dolph win, or lose still remains to be seen. But I do expect one hell of a "slobber knocker."

After Summerslam, Ziggler and Morrison are supposed to feud over some personal matter and Maria will be in the mix as well. Where does that leave Mysterio? Well there is nothing I heard at this point yet, but he may still be champ, or he will feud with another heel mid-carder, or form a tag team to feud with Edge and Y2J.

By the way speaking of Edge, there is a report on saying that he was injured in a match with Hardy on the tour and it seems to be a serious ankle injury. EMT's rushed to the ring and the referee stopped the match immediately.

They helped Edge to the back, but before he left he grabbed the mic and apologized to the fans for injuring himself. Now this doesn't look like a work as Edge is one of the top heels and Unified Tag Champ with another top heel, so this does seem legit.

With him being injured, I expect to see them lose their titles and Jericho turning on him and beating him down to write Edge off of television until his injury is over. But I don't think Edge will return as a face though. Expect Jericho to be in the World Title mix during Edge's injury.

As for those belts, I see either Rey's team to be the champs, or Cryme Tyme as the new champs, because I don't see Priceless nor The Hart Dynasty winning the belts as they are heel tag teams. 

That's all folks and take this however you want to, but this has been a great return for me. So to every one who read all the way down to this point, thanks for the support and trust me, this is only the beginning of something big.

Hopefully WWE delivers.