Sean Casey Takes a Whack at Color Commentating

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

24 Feb 1998: Sean Casey #52 of the Cleveland Indians poses for a portrait during spring training at the Chain of Lakes Park in Winter Haven, Florida.
Friday night, NESN had a very special treat up in the broadcasters booth as Sean Casey, "The Mayor," returned to Boston to color commentate with Don Orsillo.
This was no Dennis Eckersley or Dave Roberts performance and honestly, I'm not sure how to label it. Maybe "The Mayor's Musings"?
There were some interesting exchanges from both Orsillo and Casey, and here are some interesting tidbits that I picked up on:
Orsillo read a promotion for Dunkin Donuts for "Dunkin Runs." Casey's mouth obviously waters during the promo.
"If we could get some Dunkin Donuts up here, Papa Johns, and guacamole up here we'd be set." - Sean Casey

"You'd be the first partner I've had to request free food." - Don Orsillo

Orsillo mentioned to Casey about not upsetting Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis.
"You need a place to stay tonight." - Don Orsillo
"Yeah, I'm shacking up with (Kevin Youkilis) tonight." - Sean Casey
That last quote, I don't believe Casey realized what he said, but it was pretty funny, however, definitely more suited for Red Sox fans 16 and up.
However, it comes nowhere near close to the Eckersley bombshell and good thing it wasn't nationally televised or he would have been up the creek. This is the time I wish that I had TiVo or DVR.
Jerry Remy, Red Sox Nation hasn't forgotten you. Hope you'll be back soon.
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