Michael Owen Deal Or No Deal?

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2009

When i first heard about this i let my heart rule my head and i was dead against it but in the cold light of day, it looks so different

Lets look at the facts about Michael Owen and try and give an unbiased view

1) he's a scouser
2) he's injury prone
3) he's 29 years old
4) he's a free agent

1) okay yep there's no denying he's a scouser but, has it is being wildly reported in the press, he actually supports Everton and hey the last scouser we got at United hasn't done so bad and now he's our adopted son (Wayne Rooney for those who have eaten extra dull mints)and more Manc than most would have dreamed of.

2) okay this next one's a toughie because lets face facts, he has had a few injuries along the way but has he had more injuries than " sick-note" Saha, yet we still took him into our hearts and also lets look at Owen Hargreaves, plagued with injury since he came to us and yet we still stand by him.

3) 29 years old, does that make him over the hill?
You just have to look at Becks and Sheringham to remove that as an issue, then add to that Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, still regulars and are much older, so is he really past his sell by date, i think not.

One thing going in his favour, the man still wants to win and succeed so where else could he get that chance to shine? We have the best deliverers of balls in the premier league, the service he would get would be second to none, so a great chance of plenty of goals,Micheal Owen is a poacher for goals, not unlike Ruud Van Nistelroy and that is how we play best, we live in the real world at United, banging em in from 30 yards is not us, we play through defences, that is our true game and our way, we have been spoilt by having Ronaldo in the side, so going back to what has made us great over the years, is the only way and Alex Ferguson knows that.

We have trusted Fergies judgement over many years and yes he has made a few mistakes but on the whole,his decisions were always based on what is right for Manchester United and personal feelings don't enter into that.

4) He's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for gods sake, apart from a normal salary, what has it cost us, just a little pride that is all, by letting the old rivalry of Man Utd - Liverpool get in the way, we let one scouser into our hearts and that has turned out wonderful, maybe we will be surprised a second time?

And hey if not, he will soon be shown the door and he knows that and that is why i truly think he will work so hard to prove to the world, that he hasn't finished just yet and that there is still a few goals left in him before he hangs up his boots.

As true United fans we can only hope and pray that some of those goals come right in front of the home crowd at that shitty little place called "Anfield" and that my friends would be the best end to this saga.

"Can you hear the scousers sing......NOOOO NOOOOO!!!"