My First Article and The Top 10 Nba Players

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My First Article and The Top 10 Nba Players
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Hello People in Bleacher Report! This is my first day and I am going to write The Top 10 NBA players

1. The best is probaly Kobe. He led the lakers to a championship. He also led Team USA to a championship and he was the leader in both.

2. Lebron is great at everything. He is still very young. Lebron has the ability to lead a team and the ability to attack the basket. He is so strong and can is very quick. His size helps him alot. Will Lebron be the next Micheal Jordon? I dont think so but he might.

3. Dwayne Wade helped his team alot this season. Dwayne Wade still has the young Micheal Beasley that hasnt show his game yet and he also has O'Neal but that isnt enough. He is a great scorer and is a great blocker. EVEN BETTER THAN LEBRON AT BLOCKING!

4. Tim Duncan is going to have alot of help this season but is a great leader. He can block and reboung as good as anyone. He is a great scorer.

5. Kevin Garnett had to give up his stats because of The Big 3. Kevin Garnett is a leader that makes his team better and works very hard.

6. Allen Iverson is a great scorer and can lead a team. He works hard every game like Kevin Garnett. He plays every game like it is his last.

7. Chris Paul is leading the NBA in stealing. He is also leading the NBA in assists too. He is the best piont guard in my opinion right above Steve Nash.

8. Gilbert Arenas is a great scorer. He can average 30 pionts per game but he gets too many injuries. If he stays healthy the wizards can make a run.

9.Tracy Mcgrady also gets too many injuries and the rockets did better without him so it has been a rough year for T-Mac but this season might just be a good season for him.

10. I am going for Steve Nash. He is a great passer and made passing cool. He is a good shooter. He can make those 3's when the team needs him.

   Honorable Mention: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitski, Yao Ming, Vince Carter, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, and Micheal Redd.

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