Allen Iverson to Replace Ben Gordon On the Chicago Bulls?

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Allen Iverson to Replace Ben Gordon On the Chicago Bulls?
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There are plenty of rumors circulating that have the Bulls completing a sign and trade to acquire Allen Iverson for Ben Gordon.

Many fans feel this would be bad for the Bulls, but I disagree. Some criticisms of this trade are that Iverson tends to command the ball and doesn't like to get his teammates involved, but up until last year Iverson had recorded at least 6.8 assists per game since 2003. This would be more passing then the Bulls are accustomed to with Gordon, as Gordon has never achieved four assists per game.

I personally feel this would be a good move for the Bulls to atleast get something rather than just letting Ben Gordon walk. Also, this probably wouldn't afftect the Bulls D-Wade/Chris Bosh chase in 2010, because it's likely Iverson would get a one year deal in order to complete the sign and trade. Honestly, if the Bulls don't make this move, they probably won't make much noise. If they do make the move, they may not make much noise either, but they could and at least they would have someone to replace Gordon's scoring. And the upside for the Bulls is if it doesn't work, he's gone after one year anyway, so what's the big deal?

As for the Pistons, they get rid of a cancer to their team chemistry as Iverson just never really fit with the Pistons, and personally, I don't know if Ben Gordon will fit either. The Pistons have a logjam with their surplus of guards and I'd look for them to unload someone such as Richard Hamilton in order to free up some cap space for next summer as well as give them some room at the guard spot. Although, it could work in their favor if they are planning on bringing Gordon off the bench, because he has shown in Chicago, that he can be just as effective providing spurts of offense off the bench.

This move really makes sense for both teams as it gives the Pistons a sniper and efficient scorer to bring off the bench or start depending on what they decided to do with Richard Hamilton, and it gives the Bulls a replacement as far as their scoring from the 2 guard position. Either way, the Bulls likely won't be in a position to compete and reach the deeper part of the playoffs until after the summer of 2010 assuming they get their man or men in Wade, or Bosh or someone of that nature.

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