WWE: It Can Make Good Business Decisions, Bad Mistakes

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WWE: It Can Make Good Business Decisions, Bad Mistakes
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For starters, I'm new on the B/R, so let me introduce myself, I'm The Rookie...

Enough of that, now I'm getting down to the main topic, as you read my title it sounds weird, but when you truly think about it, my crazed theory may make sense.

Now, why would a "good" business decision, make a "bad" mistake, well lets get started, finally...

Take Donald Trump for example, the two week feud between him and Vince, that we've seen on RAW this past June, it was a good business decision, in return we've gotten a commercial-free Monday Night RAW.

Still why a mistake, because we've never gotten to see a storyline between Trump and Vince and that would've been interesting, but what really questions me is when Vince suddenly brought RAW back like that, they could've had a "Billionaire War" over RAW, instead we gotten a lame and cheap short-term feud...

Another is the whole "PG" thing. Sure, WWE has superstars like John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Triple H, the kids favorites nowadays. Wait a minute wasn't Triple H one of the greatest heel of all time, 99-04?

Back to the "PG" topic, WWE has a lot of kid fans nowadays, so Vince is trying this out, and by doing so, he's losing fans, PPV buys, and overall respect, but he's gaining merchandise sales, which may be valuable then the PPV buys, but not us fans...

His biggest money makers are Cena, Hardy and Mysterio, aside from Rey, the other two I mentioned are being overpushed heavily, because the kids.

Overall, we haven't seen the things we've missed from the pass, blood, violence, innovation, sexual content, good PPVs, and excellent rivalries.

Heels are basically being held back, I mean really, we've seen great heels pre "PG" era, and when you compare heels before this, just look at Edge, the man was the "Rated R Superstar", going to Cena's house, slapping his father, celebrating his first WWE title reign by hosting a live sex celebration, but now he seems more friendly, as before he was truly "Rated R" or at least "TV-14"...

Vince, get it back together...

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